How to Revive Old Clip In Extensions + The Pantene 14 Day Challenge

Hi Loves! Happy Monday. (Honestly, two words that should never go together. HA!) I’m starting the week out talking about one of my absolute favorite things… my hair extensions!

If you haven’t been with me for awhile, you might not know that I’m actually obsessed with my clip in hair extensions. I purchased them TWO (almost three!) years ago for my wedding, and I’m still using them today. Those of you who know anything about extensions are probably thinking “WTF Savannah? How are your extensions still good?” Because the shelf life of extensions is generally expected to be about one year. And my answer to you? I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeves. And today, I’m here to share them with you!

But before we begin, I want to preface this by saving I AM NOT A HAIRSTYLIST. I know that when I say a few of the things I’m about to say, any stylist reading this will probably cringe. This is just what works for me, and my particular extensions! (If you are someone who is against drugstore products on your hair this post may not be for you!)

About two months ago, I started seeing a bunch of my favorite bloggers taking The Pantene 14 Day Challenge. I was surprised to see everyone RAVING about the results they were getting using Pantene products for only two weeks… especially when they were saying their only washed their hair 2-4 times in those 14 days.

So of course, I had to try it! I was super skeptical because I know stylists always say that drug store products aren’t great for your hair. The ingredients may not be as good, and they can lead waxy buildups on your hair. For my hair, I’ve never noticed a difference between the shampoos I’ve purchased at the salon versus what I’ve purchased at Ulta or at Target. So it was an easy choice for me to try this challenge! (If you do notice a difference with drugstore vs. salon purchased products, again, this challenge may not be for you.)

And guys… I was SHOOKETH.

I wash my hair twice a week, and simply by using the Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner I noticed a massive change in my hair. It was SO soft and looked so shiny!

I will say, that using it twice a week was almost making my hair “too soft” and “too silky”. I like a little grit to my hair simply because it holds styles better. So I’ve been using m Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner every Sunday, and my normal shampoo and conditioner every Wednesday.

Anyways! When I saw how it transformed my hair, I had a Lightbulb Moment. If it made my hair look like new, could it possibly make my extensions look like new too?! Because they were in very, very, very, bad shape.

I should also probably mention that I don’t wear my clip ins every day. I only wear them when I do braids or ponytails for the extra volume and thickness. However, being almost three years old, they were starting to look pretty awful.

So I armed with a wide range of Pantene products and a few of my other favorite hair care tools, I set out to make my extensions look like new. And y’all. I couldn’t believe the results!

Check out this before…

And after!

Sorry for the terrible lighting! The natural light in our apartment sucks as it is, and the day I took this it was pouring rain! But you can still see the amazing difference!

So amazing… right?! So, do you have some clip ins that need a little extra love? Or maybe the hair on your head is looking a little dull from the harsh winter. Follow these easy steps to revive your locks just in time for Summer!

What You’ll Need

Begin by separating out your extensions. It’s easier to see the damage when they are in their separate wefts than it is when they are in a giant pile. Depending on the condition of your extensions, you can take a few minutes to brush them before you get started! Mine hadn’t been washed or brushed in far too long, so I chose not to try to untangle them in fear of ripping hair from the wefts.


If your extensions are in decent shape, a simple wash and condition will make them look good as new. However, if they look like mine, it’s time to head to the bathroom sink!

Washing your extensions is just like washing your hair. Because I don’t wash them that often, I ALWAYS wash rinse and repeat once! I like to apply shampoo one-two wefts at a time, to ensure that they are getting squeaky clean. Be careful to keep your clips dry as you wash your extensions! After I’ve washed and rinsed them twice, I set them aside and pick up the next set of wefts. I continue until all of my extensions are clean.

Next it’s time to condition! I apply it to each individual weft and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Then, I rinse them throughly.

Pro Tip: Once I think I’m done, I squeeze our any extra water with my hands and then rinse each weft one more time. This ensures that there is nothing left over to cause nasty build up!

Last comes the Rescue Shot! These are new to the US but I believe they’ve been sold in other countries for awhile. Guys… these are LIFE CHANGERS. I’m obsessed with using them on my actual hair every few weeks! It’s a deep conditioner that is super cheap (a pack of 3 is just $4.99!) and rinses out so easily. It legit leaves your hair feeling like butter!

I only used one rescue shot for my entire set of extensions. I split them in half (2 one clips, 1 two clip, 1 three clip and 1 four clip weft) and applied half of the shot to them. Then I applied the other half to the other half of the extensions. I then rinsed out each piece individually again.

I then gathered up all my extensions and placed them in my L’Ange Hair Wrap towel to help get out any excess water.

Next, I spritzed my extensions with my favorite detangler and gently began brushing them. This takes some patience, and just like real hair, you’ll notice some tangly strands falling out.

Then, I add a little bit of my favorite hair oil to the extensions and brush through one last time! (I brush them flat, and I also fold them up and brush them too.) This step isn’t necessary, but I like to do it because unlike the hair on our heads, our extensions aren’t receiving natural oils to keep them looking healthy.

Last, I lay all of the wefts on top of each other, and loosely braid to let them dry.

And guys… the difference is INSANE! What do you think? Even from the photos I see a noticeable difference.

Ooooh! And don’t forget. You can do this same routine on your actual hair too and will get great results! (At least I did!)

So friends, do you think you’ll try the Pantene 14 Day Challenge? They have so many different shampoos and conditioners for every type of hair. I’m positive that you too will find something you love! (Oh, and did I mention how GOOD the one I got smells?!)

Alright my loves. I’m outtie. Trev has dinner ready and it smells so yummy!

I’ll be back tomorrow. Have a great night! (Bachelorette reunion and Met Ball! Eeeek!)


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