Weekend Round Up (On A Tuesday?!)

Heyyyy there friends! Can you believe it’s already TUESDAY? Like seriously, my last few days have been a whirlwind and honestly, I kind of lost track of time.

With April coming to an end, we have a lot happening. Before I knew it on Sunday, I was settling in for Game of Thrones and realized OMG I NEVER PUT UP MY WEEKEND ROUND UP. So I meant to do it yesterday, but life happened.

So here I am, sharing about my weekend practically half way through the new week. I hope you don’t mind! Let’s rewind it allllll the way back to Friday.

Our weekend started out like most of our weekends do… enjoying happy hour at On the Border! We love their happy hour because A) the waitresses there all know our orders by now and B) the margaritas and queso are really cheap. HAHA

Also I’m obsessed with their Brisket Tacos.

After dinner we headed to Target where I found a GOT shirt that I couldn’t leave without. (LOL)

Then, we came home and did a family stretch sesh. Jackson was SUPER pumped about this.

Can’t hide his joy.

Saturday morning we slept in…

Terrible angle of my face. But this is how we sleep every night. haha

And then snuggled up on the couch to watch my cousin graduate from our old stompin’ grounds… GVSU! We were so proud to see her cross that stage!!

I wish I had a picture! But I was too busy taking videos instead.

We spent the rest of the day doing errands, cleaning the house and doing some laundry.

Saturday evening we tried our a brewery right around the corner from our place called Super Natural Brewing Company. It was delish!

Sunday we stocked up on tissues in preparation of Game of Thrones!

Okay… can we just talk about that episode?! *SPOILERS AHEAD!* Can I just say, I freakin’ called it! I literally told everyone I know that watches the show that I thought Arya would kill the Night King because she’s a bad ass and basically been training to kill death her entire life. I was SO FREAKIN’ PUMPED that not only did most of my favorite characters survive, but Arya go to be the hero! I can’t wait to watch her kill Cersei next. 

How were your weekends/ start to your week?! I hope so good! It’s been rainy and dreary here. I’m ready for some sunshine!

Have a great rest of your Tuesday my friends. I’ll be back tomorrow. Guess what??

I’ll talk to you then!


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