Kids in the Kitchen… How to bring out the MasterChef Junior in Your Favorite Child

Okay guys. I have a confession. Do you want to know what one of my absolute FAVORITE tv shows is?! MasterChef Junior! I just love all the cute kids cooking the most amazing food I’ve ever seen with Gordon Ramsey being the sweetest ever and not scary.

I remember the very first season I watched. I saw a SEVEN year old chopping veggies with a giant knife. My first thought? “OMG TAKE THE KNIFE AWAY FROM THE CHILD!” But then as I watched, I saw the child knew exactly how to use the knife. They were comfortable with it, and they were using it responsibly. This was the first time that I had a very big realization…

Children should learn to cook.

I’m sure that sounds a little silly, because in reality, cooking is a basic life skill that we all learn eventually. But when you really stop to think about it, most parents keep their kids out of the kitchen. There are SO many dangers… like hot pans, sharp knifes and allergic reactions lurking behind every corner. And not only can it be dangerous… but it can be messy. (LOL what with kids isn’t though?) And it takes twice as long to cook with little hands helping than it does on your own.

But guys… Cooking isn’t just cooking. It’s an opportunity to talk and bond with your children while teaching them valuable life skills. It’s the chance to share family secrets and practice their math. It’s a time to learn about flavors and making healthy choices. And most of all, it’s time where children can learn and grow with the person they love the most… you!

From the smallest chefs practicing colors, counting and fine motor skills, to the older chefs experimenting with flavors and cooking techniques, spending time in the kitchen with your kids can inspire them to “explore worlds of flavor.”

My friends at Shari’s Berries have come up with 16 different ways you can teach kids in the kitchen! From simple cooking skills and safety tips, to ideas on ways to get creative, they’ve thought of EVERYTHING! And guess what? They’ve put it all in a cute little graphic to make it even easier for you!

Want a sneak peak?! (You know you do!)

SO cute, right?! To dive further into the world of cooking with kids, check out their entire post here!

And once you read it, I know for a fact you’ll be convinced to bring your favorite little one in the kitchen with you. So I’m linking a few of my favorite kid friendly recipes below!

Delish’s 14 Easy Recipes for Cooking with Kids

Literally Anything from the Mix and Match Mama!

Food Network’s Recipes Kids Can Make

Buzzfeed’s 21 Fun and Delicious Recipes You Can Make with Kids

So… will you be bringing your favorite Master Chef Junior into the kitchen with you?! Let me know in the comments below!

Alright friends. I’m off to finish up my day! I just keep telling myself… it’s almost the weekend! Also, it’s the perfect date today, FYI.

LOL anyone else think of Miss Congeniality every April 25th?!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Fingers crossed that we all have beautiful weather and get to spend it outside! I’ll be back on Sunday.


PS… Those are obviously not my children in the main photo! I found them on Google. How cute are they?! Shoutout to whoever took it (I couldn’t find an original source!) because that photo is the cutest!

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