What Up, What Up my friends?! Another week, another Wednesday. And that means, it’s time to tell you Whats Up in my life!

What I’m Eating

Guys… I’m like 97% positive that I’m the last person to eat this but have you tried the Fuji Apple Salad dressing from Panera?! I’ve been eating salads NON STOP because I can’t get enough of it! I like to make my salad with Spinach and then add a little cheese, sliced almonds and Crasins and then the Fuji Apple dressing on top. UGH. SO.GOOD.

What I’m Listening To

TAYLOR SWIFT. I’ve been listening to her non stop in prep for Friday when I’m like 99.8% sure she’s dropping new music! Who else is so pumped?!

What I’m Working Out To

This past week I’ve been really into Yoga. I tend to change up my workout a lot because I get bored. But it’s always different with Yoga! Not only do I love how my body feels after the workout, but the next day, I always feel like I just spent hours at the gym. I also love that it completely chills me out after a stressful or long day! I’ve been mixing it up between the Sweat App’s Yoga section with Sjana Elise, Yoga with Adrienne and this particular Tone It Up Yoga. I really like this one because it only lasts 15 minutes and she POWERS through it. So you get a good workout in fast! Typically, I will do the Speed Set from The Fitness Marshall (typically about 6 dances) and then the Tone It Up Yoga and a wind down yoga from Yoga with Adrienne OR I will do a full “recovery” session (this will make sense for other Sweat users!) with Sjana Elise on the sweat app and a wind down yoga from Yoga with Adrienne! And I’ve been feeling really great lately! I highly recommend either of these easy routines you can do at home!

What I’m LOLing At

Literally every Game of Thrones post about THAT Arya scene or about Tormund. Linking my two favorites here and here! Also, if you’re looking for a solid recap, this one is my favorite because it’s hilarious!

What I’m Excited About

Honestly, I don’t have anything too exciting coming up! I’m mostly looking forward to this weekend though. I’m ready to relax and spend some time with Trev!

So my friends, What’s Up in your lives?!

I’m back tomorrow with a collab post that I think you’re just going to LOVE!

Have a great rest of your Wednesday! We’re almost there friends… just a few more days. 🙂


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