Weekend Round Up

Hey Guys! Happy Sunny Sunday! It has been an absolutely gorgeous weekend here in Michigan, and Iโ€™ve been enjoying every, last second of it! Even with the rain, the warmer weather seems proves that brighter, better days are ahead and I seriously can’t wait.

I had the most perfect weekend Up North with my family this weekend! The only problem? Trev wasn’t with me to enjoy it. He stayed back to work at the Tigers opening weekend. I came to the really tough realization that working my normal job and the Tigers last year was way too much. I was working 45 hours a week then going and working 8 hour shifts at the ball park on Saturdays and Sundays. And even though I loved it so much, I was completely run down at the end of the summer. Trev’s work load is significantly lighter in the summer since all his athletes are off campus, so he decided to keep working at the ball park. I’m not going to lie, I was a LITTLE bit jealous he got to go work at the games. It was always so much fun! However, I think I had more fun with my parents this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m going to miss working for the Tigers so much! I really did love that job. You can read more about my summers with The Tigs here.

I was lucky enough to be the first person out of work on Friday! However, unlucky for me, I didn’t get to leave until I much later than I had hoped. (The over time was real last week, y’all.) So by the time I finally hit the road, I got stuck in a ton of traffic. I made it home just before 9 and spent the evening chatting with my parents and snuggling with my pups!

Manly says HI.

Saturday morning we slept in and headed to breakfast at one of my favorite spots to grab breakfast in town, The House of Flavors!

After breakfast we went for a walk on the beach to enjoy the GORGEOUS weather that we were blessed with, then went to visit all my Grandparents!

When we got home we took the pups for a walk and then my mom and I cranked up some music and both worked on our lesson plans for the next week. She teaches first grade, and I teach preschool. Not going to lie, my lesson plans are WAY more fun to write than hers!

And since I didn’t take a picture of us on our computers (why would I? lol) here is Mojo being cute and sleepy.

Saturday evening we headed to dinner at my favorite spot, TJs Pub! (LOL those of you who read this blog often probably knew that was coming!) I had my first Oberon of the season (YUM) and my favorite sandwich, The Cubano.

After dinner we grabbed DQ and went for a beach ride! Then we snuggled in for the newest Hallmark Movie before bed.

Today we woke up to a 65 degree and sunny morning! We took a walk on the pier and it was so nice! I missed my parents and my home town so much. It was really great to be home with them again for the weekend.

My hair took over everyone’s faces in this selfie. LOL
My parents are so cute!
Windy hair selfies are my favorite!
One more, for good measure!

They took me to Big Al’s for lunch (and bought me a stromboli to bring home to Trev for dinner), loaded me up, filled my jeep with gas, loaded up a freezer bag with meat and handed me a gigantic box of Cherry Republic goodies. I’m seriously so spoiled!

I made it back to Detroit late this evening and stopped to grocery shop on my way home. Now, Trev and I are snuggled in watching The Office in complete denial that tomorrow is already Monday. Ew.

How were your weekends?! I hope the weather was beautiful wherever you are, and that you’re rested and ready for the week!

I’ll be back tomorrow! I’m FINALLY posting my collab that I’ve been trying to share with you all week. I’m really excited about it, and if you’re recently engaged, I think you’re going to freak!

I’ll see you tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚


One thought on “Weekend Round Up

  1. Sounds like a great weekend at home! I am sure that indulging in some of your favorite eats made it even more enjoyable. I do have to ask … you mention working late as a teacher … do you work at an actual preschool or do you work at a daycare center? Have you considered working in an elementary school so that you can have more “regular hours”?? I LOVE my job because it has such great flexibility and works with my schedule. ๐Ÿ™‚


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