6 Tips For Perfect Engagement Photos + DIY Engagement Photo Props

Hi Friends!! Happy Monday! Today, is another Vintage Savannah Said It post! If you’ve been with me from the beginning, you know that on Wednesdays, I used to talk about planning your wedding! I’ve since retired Wedding Wednesdays, but when the opportunity to work with some really great companies come about, I like to pull it out of retirement!

Which is exactly what we’re doing today! Eeeek!

With spring blossoms JUST around the corner, I know many Brides to Be are starting to plan their Engagement Photos. Engagement Photos can be SO STRESSFUL. Why? Because you want these photos to show just how perfect you and your fiance are together. And picture perfect is so hard to achieve.

However, I’ve got a few tips up my sleeve to make sure your photos turn out just as perfect as your relationship. Here are 6 Tips for Perfect Engagement Photos!

Be Yourselves. This is the BIGGEST most important tip I can give you. Just be yourselves! Don’t try to be something you’re not because you think it will look good for a photo. Because if you try to be something you aren’t, it will show in your pictures and you will end up being disappointed with them.

Get Close. The best engagement photos are the ones where you’re snuggled up to your Boo! If you’re not usually a snuggly/touchy-feely couple, make sure that you spend some time together in front of the mirror, posing closely. This way, when it comes time to step in front of your photographer’s camera, you won’t feel awkward… because you’ve practiced!

Wear this… not that. Back when I was doing Wedding Wednesdays, I shared an entire post on What to Wear for your Engagement Photos. I truly believe it’s your outfit choices that will either make or break your photos.

Use Your Listening Ears. Like I say to my students, turn on your listening ears! Your photographer is the professional, and they know exactly how to get the best post possible photos for you. So if they tell you to do something, do it! If you feel super awkward, chances are, the pose will photograph really well. So don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zones.

Have Fun! Remember, your engagement photos are meant to show off your love! There is no need to look like you’re posing for portraits in the 1800s. This is the time to laugh, smooch and try something new.

We didn’t have these cute photo props you’re about to find out about when we did our engagement pictures almost THREE years ago! (Where has the time gone?) But we made our own! See it sitting by the row boat?

One of the best ways to do this is with fun photo props!

If you’ve been around awhile, you know I love a good DIY Photo Booth Prop! I’ve shared TONS for parties and weddings (both your own and for Royals), but never have had the chance to share photo props specifically designed to enhance your engagement photos.

From rustic to quirky and everything in between, my friends at Shutterfly have TWENTY NINE totally FREE printables (Yes. You read that right. 29 FREE printables!) that can help make your engagement photos extra special.

To use these props, simply click here! Scroll until you find just the right ones that fit you and your fiance’s personalities, and then print on card stock. You can then cut them out and assemble! (Not sure how? Click here! I’ve been lucky enough to share Wedding Printable Photo Booth Props with Shutterfly before! I did a quick tutorial for you on that particular post.)

It’s a simple way to add a huge impact to your photos! Just make sure your photographer knows you’re bringing them along with you before your photoshoot!

Check out a sneak peak of Shutterfly’s Printable Engagement Photo Props below!

Simple Symbol Props

Vintage Photo Props

Rustic Photo Props

Personalized Photo Props

Comic Book Photo Props

Funny Photo Props

Props for Babies and Fur Babies

Short and Sweet Props

Fairytale Props

New Titles

Like what you see? Me too 😉Click here to download and find out more about these adorable props from Shutterfly!

And whatever you do, make sure you turn to Shutterfly to print all those gorgeous photos as soon as they are ready! In fact, be sure to use them for all your wedding needs! From the Save the Dates to the Invitations, to the Place Cards and Table numbers for your big day, and for everything you could ever possibly want to put your wedding photos on after your big day, Shutterfly has you covered! Click here to shop their Wedding Shop!

We use Shutterfly ALL the time. But we especially did for our wedding day, and for the special keepsakes we wanted after. Below you’ll find all my favorite things we ordered from them!

Save the Dates
(We ordered Save the Date coasters that our guests loved! I don’t see them on the site anymore or I’d have linked them directly!)

Our Guest Book
(We chose the Wedding Collection: Guest Book! It was so fun! It gave the guests prompts on some pages, and others were blank so they could write whatever they wanted!)

Our Wedding Album
(We wanted a perfect album to remember our big day! So we splurged on the Premium Photo book! We ordered a 12×12 book with layflat pages, crushed silk hardcover in the Your’s Truly style. Guys… it’s so gorgeous!)

Wedding Canvases 
(We ordered canvases for everyone and they turned out so beautiful!!! You can see one of them hanging on our wall here.)

Our Thank You Cards
(These were SO beautiful you guys! I chose a picture that didn’t include our heads and I LOVEDDDDD them! You can see a photo here and get a few tips on what to write!)

Our Honeymoon Album 
(We order Photo Books for every vacation we go on, not just from our Honeymoon!)

And then we used pictures from our big day for calendars, ornaments, mugs… literally just about anything you can get from Shutterfly! Guys, this is such a GREAT company and all their products are such high quality! Find everything you need for your big day here! (PS… they ALWAYS have a great deal going on! Right now, you can get 50% off almost everything!)

Do you have any tips on getting great engagement photos? Leave them in the comments below! And let me know if you’re planning to use these cute little props!

Alright my loves. I’m off to finish out this very busy day! It’s gorgeous outside, and I can’t wait to get home and try to enjoy a little bit of it!


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