Weekend Round Up

Happy, happy Sunday my loves! I hope this post finds you all well rested and happy from a weekend full of fun and happiness!

I honestly sat here for AN HOUR debating whether or not I should post a Weekend Round Up for y’all tonight. Why? Because I barely took any pictures!

Trev and I decided to make an effort this weekend to keep our phones put away and be more present. BUT in doing that, I didn’t have my phone ready to snap a photo whenever I felt like it.

But regardless of the amount of photos, I can promise you we had a nice weekend!

Our weekend began on Friday when I got out of work. I had a long day, (I was the closer) so I didn’t get home until late. We had a few errands to run since we were heading down to Blissfield on Saturday and then we grabbed dinner at one of our favorite places, Aubree’s.

Saturday we slept in a little and spent the morning drinking coffee and catching up on some of our TV shows from the week. We did our grocery shopping, ran our typical Sunday errands and then packed up and headed to Blissfield.

As soon as we got there, we picked up Trev’s grandma and headed to his brother’s house to see our niece and nephew! That night, we celebrated him Mom and Dad’s birthdays, visited with family and got lots of baby snuggles in!

Me: Refuses to put down the baby even when eating cake and ice cream.

This morning we were up early to head back to Detroit. It was a quick trip because we had to be back for Trev’s girl’s tennis match.

After the match we spent the rest of the evening folding laundry, working out and prepping for the week!

The weekend went by way too fast. I can’t believe I’m already snuggling in bed and setting alarms for 5 am tomorrow morning! I’m hoping this week goes by super fast because I’m heading HOME this weekend! I am SO PUMPED I haven’t seen my family since the first weekend in February. A weekend Up North is very much needed!

Alright my friends. I’ll be back tomorrow! Have a great last few hours of your weekend 🙂


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