Affordable Easter Tiered Tray + Mini Weekend Round Up!

Hi Friends! Happy Monday! I’m sorry I missed yesterday’s post… but if I’m being completely honest with you, I had my nose buried in a book all day and then glued to the TV all night. (That Duke Game y’all!)

SO I figured I’d combine two posts in one today and give you a mini weekend round up and an Easter/Spring DIY! So fun, right?!

Let’s start with the mini weekend round up 🙂 Our weekend began on Friday night. We had a BUNCH of errands to do and weren’t exactly sure how our weekend was going to look. (With the arrival of our new nephew coming any day now, we wanted to make sure we were prepared to drive down to Toledo if we needed to) we decided to get everything done at once.

We ended up not getting done until 8:45 that night and we were STARVING by the time we were finished. We ran through McDonald’s and snuggled in to watch The Office while we ate.

Saturday morning I was up early. I had a cup of coffee and watching Trading Spaces while Trev slept in a bit. We were SUPER excited for a really fun Date Day downtown, but the weather wasn’t quite what it was forecasted to be. So we decided to save this date for when it’s slightly warmer outside.

Instead, I decided I wanted to decorate my tiered tray for Easter! I LOVEEEE how it turned out, and I’m super proud that I found everything I needed for it at either The Dollar Tree or The Target Dollar Spot! Curious to see what I used for my tray? Just keep reading!

What You’ll Need

  • Tiered Tray (Mine is from Hobby Lobby. If you don’t have one already and are one a budget, check out this YouTube Video of an entirely Dollar Tree Easter Tray. She not only decorated with all Dollar Tree items but made her tiered tray with Dollar Tree items too.)
  • Two Bunnies (Fun fact. We went to every single Target in our area looking for the white bunnies and no one had them! I ended up finding the two I used at Meijer Grocery Store and love them so much. Even more than the white bunnies we spent the afternoon searching for! But you can find cute bunnies at both Target and Dollar Tree.)
  • Two packs of Jute Carrots (Dollar Tree Easter Section)
  • Two packs of Pastel Eggs (Dollar Tree Easter Section)
  • Two Lambs Ear Mini Wreaths (Target Dollar Spot)
  • One Mini Colander (Target Dollar Spot)
  • One Bud Vase (Target Dollar Spot)
  • Two Small Tulips (Target Dollar Spot)
  • One Pack Wooden Eggs (Target Dollar Spot. I chose the smaller eggs that come in a six pack. They have larger eggs in a 4 pack too!)
  • One Personal Touch (I chose this K House Bead from Hobby Lobby)

Once you’ve gathered all your supplies, just start arranging until you have your tray looking how you like! I ended up putting one wreath, some carrots, a wood egg, the bud vase with tulips and the big bunny on my top tier. I also used a little extra greenery I had layng around at home to fill in the back (which you can’t see but I felt like it needed to be covered.)

On the bottom I laid the second wreath down and put the caulender in the middle. I filled it with only the white eggs (I had used the ones in the packs from the Dollar Tree and I had bags of pastel eggs from Easter’s past that I dug through too) and I hung my house beads from it too. I had wanted to put my small bunny on the bottom tier but thought it looked funny, so I ended up just adding carrots and wooden eggs!

I LOVE how my Easter Tiered Tray turned out! Do you decorate for Easter/Spring? What’s your favorite thing to decorate?

And now… back to the weekend round up! After I decorated my tray, the sun had come out so I headed out onto the deck to catch a few rays! It was cold out, but the sun felt so nice!

We also sat on our little patio and had a few drinks. It was such a relaxing afternoon!

My current favorite beer! Also, how pretty is my nail polish? It’s Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Sugar Fix. I think it’s perfect for Spring!

Because we had done all our errands on Friday we were able to just relax on Sunday! We watched a lot of March Madness and I started a new book!

I’m already half way through it. It’s so good!

And now we’ve officially started what can only be a super crazy week. I’ve got late meetings this week, Trev’s got games and we know our nephew will be here any day now. Fingers crossed we make it through this week still standing!

Have a wonderful rest of your Monday my friends! No post tomorrow (I’ve got that late meeting I just mentioned) but I’ll be back on Wednesday!


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