5 Most Instagram Worthy Spots in The Poconos

Hey Everyone! Happy, happy, happy #TravelTuesday everyone! It feels like it’s been FOREVER since I’ve been to The Poconos and started this series on the blog. (But really, it kind of has!) I REALLY need to plan my Fall travel posts better because they always get paused around Christmas time then trying to pick back up in the New Year feels so off.

So, our time n The Poconos is officially coming to a close today, but not before I share my most Instagram Worthy Spots!

Awhile back, I started a “Most Instagram Worthy Spots” series on the blog. I shared all the places that I thought made the best pictures in my favorite locations, because like it or not, your vacation (whether just around the corner or millions of miles away) probably didn’t actually happen if you don’t ‘Gram it. And that photo you’re posting? Well it better be eye catching.

Instagram has quickly become the inspiration we all turn to when planning our next trip. Because let’s be real, we all get some serious wanderlust just scrolling through our feeds. So I started a series to help you easily find the prettiest places in locales near and far from home.

The series was so popular, that I decided every travel series I do on Savannah Said It will now include a “Most Instagram Worthy Spots” post in it.

And today? We’re talking about what just might be the most photogenic spots in the entire state of Pennsylvania. From a downtown that looks straight off a movie set to the the summit of Mt. Tammany and everything in between, it turns out The Poconos might be one of the most underrated photogenic spots in the USA.

So grab your camera and an extra SD Card (or two!). Here are my…

5 Most Instagram Worthy Spots in The Poconos

Mt. Tammany Summit. I figured we should start with the highest spot in all The Poconos! If you’re hoping to grab a photo where you’re surrounded by nature and look like a little blob amongst the mountains (my favorite kind of pictures) this is the spot for you! This shot doesn’t come without a price through… you’re going to have to hike to it, and it’s not going to be easy or uncrowned. Read more about the hike here.

Downtown Jim Thorpe. Nestled deep in the Lehigh Gorge, you’ll find the most photogenic village in all of Pennsylvania. This village is rich in history, small town charm and scenery. Claiming the titles of “The Gateway to The Poconos” and “The Switzerland of America” here you’ll feel like you’ve just stepped into Stars Hallow, gazebo and all. Grab a picture walking down the street, or simply take a photo of the adorable houses, or your coffee. You won’t find a single thing in this town that isn’t Instagram worthy.

Big Pocono State Park. Looking for a sunset picture? How about a killer view without a hike involved? Big Pocono is your best best. And the best part is, it’s SO easy to get to. You literally drive up, park in the parking lot and BOOM instant view! You can literally fool all your followers into thinking you hiked long and hard to get this picture when really, you’re just steps away from your car.

Turns out it’s a good spot for a car pic too! It was SO windy and cold the night we were there, but trust me, the view is GORGEOUS!

A Waterfall. It doesn’t matter which… there are hundreds to choose from! I always think waterfall shots make the best Instas because they’re always so dang pretty! (Plus you can throw in a 90s song lyric.) I like this one, Buttermilk Falls, because you can get right up next to it!

Top of the Delaware Water Gap. I saved the best for last… if you ask me, this is the prettiest spot in the entire state of PA, not just The Poconos. The top of the Delaware Water Gap has everything that your Instagram Dreams are made of… winding river, mountains, and lush forests all in one spot. Every time I see this photo I’m transported back to one of the most peaceful places I’ve visited.

So my friends, what did I miss? Where are your favorite places to take a photo in The Poconos? For more on the places I mentioned above and my other favorite spots in The Poconos click the links below!

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Alright, I’m sure you’re tired of my link party that I seem to have hosted for myself! I’ll be back tomorrow with another #WhatUpWednesday!

Enjoy the last day of winter my friends… when we wake up tomorrow, it’s officially SPRINGGG!


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