DIY: The Easiest Balloon Arch You’ll Ever Find!

We’re calling everyone, we’re putting out the welcome mat. (Gold star for you if you sang this sentance!)

But for real, Hi Friends! Today, we’re talking about parties. Any kind of party! Dance party, beach party, birthday party, pool party, sleepover party, homework party, we love them all. Nothing beats great times with good friends, or good times with great friends. So get set to come to our party get ready for your next party, right now!

Okay, I promise. I’m done quoting Mary Kate and Ashley. But EVERY SINGLE TIME I hear the word party I’m taken right back to the 90s and I’m sitting here singing the You’re Invited theme song.

But really, there’s no party that a balloon arch won’t make the most perfect finishing touch for! It’s an easy and fun way to make a big impact for not a lot of money. And while traditional balloon arches allow you to walk under them, the more modern version is attached to a wall, making for the perfect backdrop for photos or a food/gift table.

I became OBSESSED with balloon arches last summer when we began planning for my cousin’s new wife’s bridal shower. I couldn’t stop scrolling Pinterest over the pages and pages of beautiful balloons in different sizes and colors pouring across walls. I knew that I had to make one for this shower, I just was a little worried I wasn’t going to be able to pull it off.

Every tutorial I clicked on said you needed chicken wire. Let me tell you, I was SO intimidated by this. Chicken wire just seemed a little bit too extensive for what I was trying to do… especially because this was a small shower in a small space.

So I scrolled a little bit further and eventually found that you can make a balloon arch without chicken wire really easily. I was sold! Originally, I had big aspirations and was planning on following this post and making my arch look very similar to this.

But once I saw the space I had, I knew that I just didn’t have enough room to make something so grand. So I went off the rails and did my own thing. And let me tell you… it was SO EASY.

Here’s what you’ll need!

Shopping List

  • Balloons. Lots of them, in different sizes and colors. The amount of balloons will depend on the size of the arch you’re attempting to make.
  • Air Pump. This is a must! You physically can’t blow up that many balloons without passing out!
  • Scotch Tape.
  • Hot Glue Gun + Glue Sticks. Make sure you use a glue gun that doesn’t get too hot. I used a small glue gun I picked up at Michaels years ago that uses mini glue sticks.
  • Painters or Duct Tape. Whichever you’re comfortable putting on your wall. You could even use that sticky puddy too if you’re not comfortable doing the method I did down below! (Trust me, if it wasn’t a cinder brick wall, I wouldn’t have done what I did either.)
  • Extras. These are the things you’ll add to your arch to give it a little something special. I used tropical leaves to match the theme of our shower. But I’ve seen all sorts of fake florals used that were STUNNING.

To begin, turn on some music and start pumping. It’s really hard to say just how many balloons you’re going to need. We started blowing up 10 of each of the sizes I used, in each color. We realized really quickly that the less air we used the better, because they were a little bit less typical balloon shape.

Then, I grabbed 4 of the biggest balloons and held them up on the wall to decided where my arch would begin and end. These four balloons became my “anchors”. I applied a small piece of scotch tape to each balloon. Then, working quickly, I applied a dab of hot glue on top of the tape, and simply stuck it to the wall. This is a trick that a lot of teachers use to get their art projects to stick to cinderblock walls. The hot glue holds it to the wall and it peels right off when you’re done. However, I know this isn’t realistic because not every party is held in a hall like this! In my opinion, there are a few different ways you can hang your balloons. You could use a tape you feel comfortable with putting on the wall OR you could attach all your balloons to fishline first. Either would work just fine!

When my four big balloons were in their places (the ends and two middle to help decide how wide my arch would be) I simply started filling in the blanks. I added all the big balloons first, as they are the base. They also are what creates the shape of the arch.

Next, came the middle size balloons, which I like to call the fillers. These balloons are slightly smaller than the large balloons and filled in the spaces between the big balloons. I attached them the same way, with scotch tape and glue. Just be sure are if you’re gluing them from one balloon to another, BOTH balloons have tape on them. Otherwise the one without the tape will pop from the hot glue. Most of the balloons stuck with just tape, but a few of the bigger ones needed to be glued together.

Last came the littlest balloons, that really made the arch pop. These were also applied the same way.

I stepped back literally thousands of times to see where balloons needed to be filled in. It’s not something that I can give you an exact step by step of. Every balloon arch will be different. You just have really take your time and step back lots to make sure you’re filling all the empty spaces to make it look full. (An extra set of eyes or two come in really handy for this!) I’m sharing a bunch of different angles and shots from throughout the process so you can see what I mean! Sorry for the weird color on the photos… the lightening in this particular building was so terrible this was the best I could do!

Last, I added in my extras, which for me were my leaves. Most of them I just stuck between the balloons and they stuck! However, a few needed to be attached with hot glue too.

And guys… that’s it! How simple is that?! This beautiful arch literally is so cheap and easy to make and makes the biggest impact!

So pretty right?! What do you think? Will you try a balloon arch for your next party?

A few weeks ago, I also shared my super yummy fruit pizza recipe that I made for this bridal shower! So if you’re looking for a dessert for your next Netflix Sesh party click here!

Alright my friends, I’m signing off before these severe thunderstorms hit! The last thing I need is for the power to go out and me to lose this entire post. LOL

Have a great weekend my friends. I’ll talk to you on Sunday!


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