What Up, What Up my beautiful friends?! I’m back today for another #WhatUpWednesday to share with you everything that’s “up” in my life! Let’s start with…

What I Was Up To Yesterday

I know… I didn’t get my post up. I’m the worst! Life has been so crazy for us lately, and I ended up not getting home until 8. I literally walked in the door, made dinner and sat down to watch the train wreck that was that Bachelor finale. (Okay. So it wasn’t a train wreck but DANG it felt so awkward the whole time!)

What My Mission Is

February and March haven’t been what I was hoping for on this blog. I had so many great posts planned out for you but with everything that happened in February, my timeline got SO messed up! So, I decided to push back some ideas to later this year, and share the best of the things that I missed with you the rest of this month. I’m playing catch up in a way, and hoping that next month my content is back to the standard I hold myself to!

What I Need To Get Better At

Speaking of my “missions”… I need to get better at responding to all of you! I promise, I see every.single.one. of your sweet comments and emails. I have every intention of writing you back, and then I get busy and completely forget. I’m the worst. I know. Consider this my promise to get better!

What I’m Bummed About

I’m so sad to be saying this, but this summer, I won’t be heading back to work for the Detroit Tigers. I have LOVED working at the ballpark the past two summers. It’s been the funnest job. However, with my work schedule, last summer two jobs became way too much. I was working 47 hour weeks at work plus 8 hour days on Saturday and Sunday at the ballpark. I found myself burnt out by the end of the summer. I was going to try it again this year, but when I couldn’t make it to my yearly training times because of my work schedule, I took it as a sign that it was time to be done. I’m really going to miss my days at the ballpark and all the people I worked with there, but Trev will still be there, so I know I’ll get to go visit!

What I’m Thinking About

SPRINGGGG! We got our first taste of beautiful weather here in Detroit today and now I’m itching to go running through tulips! (Hence the Tulip Time photo above!)

What I’m Giving Up For Lent

Every year for Lent, I give up something typical, like chocolate, or checking my social media less. But this year, I decided I wanted to give something up that could not only make me a better person, but also help either the people or the environment around me. So back in February when I received a message with an easy guide to Zero Waste, I took it as a sign.

I’ve always considered myself environmentally conscious, but it wasn’t until I read this article that I realized just how big my carbon footprint might actually be. And tbh, the last thing I want is for our future to look like Idiocracy.

(BTW if you haven’t seen this movie with a baby Dax Shepard you need to watch it NOW. It’s hilarious.Click here to watch.)

What’s really great about Self Lender’s Complete Guide to Saving Money By Going Zero Waste is that it takes all the guessing work of how you can reduce your waste (and save yourself some money) in every aspect of your life. With easy checklists and simple suggestions, you can drastically reduce your carbon footprint without completely changing your lifestyle.

Two of my favorite ways to reduce waste (and save sea turtles) is by using a stainless steal straw. I have a few that are with me always and I just say “no thank you” when I’m offered a plastic straw at a restaurant. I also like to take my Yeti with me whenever we go to a coffee shop. Did you know that places like Starbucks actually give you a discount when you bring your own mug?

Here is a sneak peak of one of the checklists you can download for FREE!

Grab your FREE checklists here, and help save Earth from an impending garbage avalanche.

And, if you’re interested in more environmentally friendly posts from me, click here!

So my friends, what’s up in your lives?

I’m coming back tomorrow to FINALLY share a few ideas for your next bridal shower (or any party really) including a DIY Balloon Arch!

Have a great rest of your Wednesday loves! We’re half way there 🙂


2 thoughts on “#WhatUpWednesday

  1. I’m probably one of the oldest followers you have. I’m from Manistee County. Graduated from Michigan in ‘66. Been married for 53 years to the girl I proposed to on the first date. Worked for the same company, in seven states, for 38 years.

    Today I give instead of take. Church, hospital, personal counseling. I also work as an adviser to the executive director of an organization that represents children with PANS/PANDAS disease. She is the mother of three children with this disease. Working with her makes my past look trivial.

    I say these things as a perspective of your life and concerns. She has no “free” time. Her life Is 24/7 care for three children. She & her husband don’t have date nights, close friends are few. She is surrounded by literally 100’s mothers searching for solutions. Oldest child is 7. Youngest is 3. She is a devout a Christian. She claims she has cried more with me than her husband.

    So…why do I tell you this? Well, I love you attitude. You smell the good things and share the highs. I only ask that while in the Spring Of Life, consider reaching out and touching someone!


  2. I have been making steps to go zero waste. I age. Begun composting and have been recycling a lot more. I am down to one garbage bag a week that I throw out which I like to think is pretty good. With spring coming I will be able to walk more which means driving less. I live in a small town so I can walk everywhere which I haven’t been able to do in the winter months. I am also going to start a garden this year so I can be more self reliant. I am constantly thinking of ways to be less wasteful and save money.


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