#WhatUpWednesday Spring Break Edition!

What up, what up my friends?! It’s Wednesday and you know what that means! It’s time for me to tell you about all the things I’m loving in my life. But today, we’re giving it a Spring Break twist! Now those of you that read my posts every day know that I’m not going anywhere again this year and I’m #salty about it. But that doesn’t mean I can’t PRETEND like I’m on Spring Break while blasting the heat in my apartment, sipping a fruity drink (this beer is my favorite rn!) and listening to “waves” on Alexa Sleep Sounds. JK. Kind of.

So for today’s #WhatUpWednesday today, I’m sharing with you all my Spring Break favorites! Let’s get started!

What I’m Reading

Now that I’m in my late twenties, partying on the beach isn’t really my thing. But reading on the beach sipping on my favorite drink? That’s got “Savannah” written all over it. And if I’m reading while dipping my toes in the ocean and working on my tan, you can bet it’s something by the “Queen of the Beach Read” Elin Hilderbrand. Grab my favorite book of hers here.

What I’m Wearing

My favorite swimsuit! I’ve had this swimsuit for a few years now and every time I wear it, I get a zillion compliments. You can’t get my original suit anymore, but I’ve shared a dupe before for it on the blog. And guess what? They same company has brought it back for this Spring/Summer! They have it in black, but in a bunch of colors and prints too! Find my original post, with the link to the dupe, here.

What I’m Listening To

If I’m at a Spring Break beach, I’m listening to the music that is most definitely being blasted. But if I’m on a quieter beach, I’m playing some sort of good vibes playlist from Spotify. Try typing in “Spring Break 2019” or “Country Spring Break 2019” to start!

What I’m Drinking

Warm weather destinations typically call for Hurricanes and Rum Runners but I’ve never been a big fan of rum. I usually stick to some cold and fruity though. And if theres a chance to get it in slushie form, even better. And if I’m in doubt? Tequila. =

Anddddd now time for a little dose of reality!

What I’m Up To

Just trying to make it through the day! I’m soooo tired. I barely slept last night. Lucky for me, all I have left to do is put away some laundry and snuggle in with Jacksy Cat. We’re cheering on the Titans from the comforts of our bed tonight. Fingers crossed they can pull off an upset and advance in the tournament!

So my friends, what is up in your lives?

I’ll be back tomorrow with one more Spring Break post for all of you!


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