2019 Spring Break Essentials

Happy Tuesday my loves! It’s officially that time of year again. When airports all over the USA become slightly more crowded with 20 somethings headed to the beach, when I have to consciously spend less time on Social Media because I get insanely jealous of everyone’s warm weather pictures, families all over the country are starting countdowns to their warm weather getaways and when I pack my bags and try to hitch hike to Florida. It’s Spring Break!

I know whenever I was heading on College Spring Breaks, I had to start packing weeks in advance because I was SO WORRIED I would forget something. (Traveling without your Mom is hard y’all. She always has everything you need and without her suitcase, you are nothing.) I would recheck my suitcase over and over to be sure I had everything I needed. And this was a complete waste of my valuable time. So to help you pack worry free, I’ve created the ultimate Spring Break 2019 packing list.

*PS… You don’t need to be a college student to find this list useful! TBH, these are things I pack on pretty much any warm weather vacation I go on.

30 Things You Can’t Live Without this Spring Beak 

  1. Bikinis. Duh right? In my mind, Spring Break and Bikinis go hand in hand. Pack multiple for a week at the beach. (At least 3!) Why? You don’t know what is going to get spilled on you. And if you don’t have a washing machine at your hotel, you could run the risk of smelling like stale beer all week, and that’s no fun.
  2. Beach Cover Up. I remember the last time I went on SB we walked to the beach every morning. And would always stop at the McDonald’s on the way to grab some breakfast. McDonald’s (or any restaurant really) most likely won’t serve you if you’re just in your bikini. So take a cute cover up along to throw on.
  3. Sundresses/Rompers. My favorite thing to wear when the weather is beautiful are sundresses. They’re so easy to throw on, and you look effortlessly perfect. Plus, they usually are small, and don’t take up valuable suit case space. Pack two of your favorites!
  4. Denim Shorts. Denim cut offs are a staple in my book. Whether you’re heading to a beach side bar at night, or shopping in town during the day, they will be perfect, and your most worn item on your trip. (Only second to your bikini!) Again, I like to take two pairs, just in case I spill on myself. Because let’s be real, I ALWAYS spill on myself.
  5. Jeans. Jeans? On Spring Break? Yup. You never know what weather Mother Nature will throw at you. It’s better to be warm, than sorry. Remember, it’s only March. Florida can get a little bit chilly still, especially at night. You can almost guarantee that you’ll need to wear them at least once.
  6. Shirts. When packing shirts, think about what you’re going to wear. A few tank tops, a few cute graphic tees, and a solid white t-shirt paired with jean shorts are usually my go to outfits when I’m in a relaxed beach town. In general, I would pack 2 tank tops, 2 graphic tees, and 1 plain white tee. This way, you can mix and match to create the perfect outfit.
  7. Over sized sweater. Okay… this might be a controversial choice, but I’m a believer in packing a sweater. Why? Every time I do I never need it. Which means taking a sweater brings me great weather. (I’m superstitious, I know.) Don’t waste space in your luggage, wear it on the plane. (They’re always cold anyways.) And then you’ll have it with you, just in case! Choose one in a light color, so it will look cute if you decide to wear it while catching the sunset or sitting at your favorite tiki bar.
  8. Party Outfits. Spring Break and Parties are like White on Rice. Personally, I’m not one to pack a club dress and heels to wear on a sandy beach, but you do you boo boo! When I say “party outfits” I mean a sexy romper or a sweet dress in case you’re heading out somewhere nice.
  9. PJs. Take a cute but comfy pajama set along with you. You never know who you’ll see while you’re staring out your balcony in the morning with your cup of coffee.
  10. Bras and Undies. I shouldn’t even have to write this, but underwear are the Number One most forgotten thing! And let’s be real, bras and undies aren’t cheap if you forget to pack them. Take a normal bra, strapless bra, and a few braletts with you along with your favorite undies. Don’t forget to pack a few extra pairs, just in case.
  11. Hat. You will thank me over and over for mentioning to bring a hat with you! I wouldn’t bother with a cute sun hat, because let’s be honest, those are hard to pack. Grab a baseball cap and represent. It’s packable, easy to throw on, and will help keep the sun off your face in case you forgot to reapply that sunscreen.
  12. Cheap Sunglasses. Cheap being the main word here. Don’t take your Ray Bans or Oakleys on Spring Break. Chances are they’ll get lost, broken or stolen. Head to Target and pick up a pair or two. This way, if you lose them, you won’t be upset.
  13. Tennis Shoes. Grab your Superstars, you’re going to need them! If you decide to rent bikes, walk any long distances or just want to be comfy, tennis shoes will be your best bet. Take a pair that are already broken in, and that are neutral colors so you can wear them with any outfit.
  14. Flip Flops. Everyone knows flip flops are the beach’s favorite shoe! Plus, they don’t take up much space in your luggage.
  15. Dressy Sandals. Take a pair of flats and a pair of wedges. Wedges will dress up any look, and flats will be ideal for all those beach bars. Choose ones that are neutral, so they can go with any outfit you choose!
  16. Crossbody. Don’t take your biggest, fanciest purse on Spring Break. Choose a small cross body that will be easy to take everywhere you go. I’d also pack a clutch that can be thrown into your beach bag so you have everything you need on you at all times. I love my designer cross body bags as much as the next girl, but I don’t recommend taking them on Spring Break with you. Again, choose one that is cheap. This way, if it get ruined it’s not a big deal. Or if you overbuy souvenirs, you can leave it behind and not care.
  17. Sunscreen. No ifs, ands or buts. You have to protect your skin from the harsh sunshine. Especially if you’ve been a hermit all winter.
  18. Beach Bag. You’re going to want to take a cute beach bag along with you! Choose one that can easily be packed up, OR use it as your personal item on the plane if you don’t want it to get smooshed.
  19. Beach Towel. A lot of people don’t think to pack a beach towel, but you should. If your resort doesn’t tell you they have them available, you’re going to want to pack one, just in case. If they in fact don’t offer towels that you can take to the beach with you, buy a second at one of the many gift shops around if you need one.
  20. Bubba Keg/Yeti. This might sound weird, but it just might be the most important thing you take along. Some beaches won’t let you bring your own drinks, but if you find one that does, a Bubba Keg or a Yeti will be a life savior. Bubba Kegs are massive, and you won’t need to keep refilling it. I added stick on sparkles to mine and everyone on the beach wanted to know where I got it. It was pretty cute! And everyone knows how long a Yeti keeps your stuff cold, so if you’re a slow drinker, take a Yeti along with you. And if you don’t feel like taking up space, grab a koozie and take it along. Chances are your beer will be served in cans, and cold beer doesn’t last long in the hot sunshine.
  21. Reusable Water Bottle. If you throw a reusable water bottle into your carry on (empty of course) you will have seriously made the best decision ever. You HAVE to have water (especially if you don’t want to be hungover AF) and most college spring break destinations aren’t going to give it to you for free. So fill up your water bottle with ice at your hotel’s ice machine every morning, and take it along with you. It will slowly melt, and you’ll have water all day long. You’re welcome.
  22. Hair Stuff. When you start packing for Spring Break, remember that your beauty routine is going to be vastly differently than the one you do at home. Maybe you curl your hair every day and you use 15 different products to keep it in it’s best shape. Life at the beach is simple, and there is no need for all that. Pack your favorite shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, and texturizing spray. I promise you, that is all you’re going to need. Add in bobby pins and hair ties and you’ll be good to go. (Seriously, a little texture and cute braids can go a looooong way.) And if you really can’t live without a styling tool, try to choose only one to bring along to save space in your suitcase. No matter where I go, I tend to grab my curling wand. (Remember, most hotels come with a hair dryer.)
  23. Make Up Stuff. The same goes for your beauty routine while on vacation. Chances are, a full face of makeup won’t be needed. Pack two foundations, one in the shade you are now, and one in the shade you are when you’re at your tanest. (You can mix them for the in-between days.) Look for palettes that give you options so you’re not packing hundreds of little products. (My favorite right now is the Physicians Formula x Casey Holmes one! It’s SO GOOD and would be so perfect for a trip to the beach. It’s pretty much sold out everywhere online, but you can check to see if it’s still in stock at your Ulta store!) Another tip? Choose a little bit bigger than normal makeup bag, so you can fit everything you need in it and then don’t pack anything that won’t fit inside.
  24. Other Toiletries.  You know, these are the things you can’t get by without. Body wash, face wash, toothbrush, tooth paste, medications, feminine products, lotion, razor and aloe. You know, standard things that you need to bring along.
  25. Camera/GoPro. I’m going to be blunt and tell you that taking a camera to a Spring Break beach might not be the greatest idea. But, you’re going to want memories, so do it anyways! If you have a GoPro, bring it along in it’s waterproof casing. You’ll have a blast making videos that will capture your memories for a life time.
  26. Extra Chargers. Pack travel battery packs with you so that you can charge up your electronics while you’re on the go. Take extra camera batteries that are pre-charged along with you during the day, and a travel phone cord too. You can always throw them in your beach bag, and your mind will be at ease knowing you’re prepared!
  27. Ziplock Bags. Weird I know. But pack a few gallon sized ziplocks. You can throw dirty clothes in them, or your wet swimsuits that didn’t have time to dry before you needed to head to the airport.
  28. First Aid Kit. Get a travel first aid kit before you go, or make your own! Add things like band aids and Advil. Lots of Advil.
  29. Travel Documents. This is boring, but super important. Make sure you have your ID on you at all times. Don’t forget to pack your passport (if going out of the country) tickets, confirmations, insurance information and copies of your passport and ID just incase they get lost or stolen. (I read online about uploading copies of all your travel documents to DropBox and I thought it was the best idea ever! We have all our travel documents stored, just in case we need to access them while we’re away from home.)
  30. Homework. Gross, I know. But usually Professors don’t give you a break just because it’s Spring Break. Use the time at the airport, on the plane, and any down time you might have to get ahead on your school work. While Spring Break is a time to relax and get away from it all, you want to be sure you’re still prepared when classes start back up at the end of the week.

And whatever you do… don’t overpack! As hard as it is to plan your outfits ahead, remember that it can be done! You got this. I believe in you 😉

What are your Spring Break essentials?! Did I miss anything?!

Alright friends, I’m off to snuggle up by the TV and watch night #2 of The Bachelor! Trev randomly decided to up and leave with the basketball team today while I was at work, so I’m flyin’ solo the next few days. Can you say cheeseburgers and reality tv every night?!

Have a great Tuesday everyone. I’ll be back tomorrow!


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