Y’all. I wrote this post and was clicking publish when the internet froze and then BOOM the entire post was gone. So here I am, attempting to get it done for you in like zero time at all! So if it seems short and sweet… it’s because I loved what I wrote before and now I can’t remember any of it. It’s been A DAY people. And I’m still not even close to being able to go home! Wondering Why? Well… then let’s start with…

What I’m Up To

WORKING. This week feels like a freakin’ marathon and I’m literally so glad it’s half way over! I worked over time on Monday, we had a meeting last night so I didn’t leave until almost 8 pm and now tonight, I’m stuck here until 9 ish to renew my CPR. I’m EXHAUSTED and all I want to do is go home, curl up under my BlanQuil and watch Survivor!

What I’m Listening To

You’re going to laugh at this one… but all I’ve been listening to lately (besides my podcasts) is Sleep Sounds on our Alexa! Every night this week I’ve been so tired when I walked through the door that I’ve quickly worked out, showered and crashed in bed. Sleep Sounds has put me to sleep almost instantly and it’s been the best! Our favorites are Thunderstorm and Beautiful Dream!

What I’m Thinking About

PALM TREES AND SUNSHINE. It’s officially that time of the year where I can’t go on Social Media without seeing someone I know on a vacation enjoying the beach. And I get seriously jealous! I haven’t been on a Spring Break vacation since college! The winters in Michigan are so cold and so long. I would literally do anything to be this relaxed and this tan again!


What I’m Excited About

I’m so excited for the weekend! Saturday will be really busy for us (Trev’s basketball teams are both playing at home) but I enjoy going to see my hubby do his thing! Plus there is a Bucharest right around the corner from his University so it’s pretty much guaranteed imma be getting a shawarma 🙂 And Sunday? We get to SLEEP IN and DO NOTHING. Ugh. It’s going to be so wonderful!

Alright friends. I’ve got to cut this short because my break is almost over! Have a wonderful rest of your Wednesday! Fingers crossed I’ll be back tomorrow.


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