What Up, What Up my friends?! Happy Wednesday! I’m sorry I missed yesterday’s post. But tbh, I’m still trying to play catch up both and home and at work. Unfortunately, when I finally got home and got a few things done, sleep took priority to writing. BUT, I’m back today, and I get to share with you everything I’ve been loving lately. Yay! Let’s get started!

What I’m Watching

… besides The Bachelor! American Housewife is back! If you don’t watch it, you should because it’s freakin’ hilarious. Also, Survivor comes back tonight and I’m SUPER excited! Survivor has been one of my favorite TV shows since the beginning. (How crazy is it that I’ve been watching it for NINETEEN years?! Say what?!) And my favorite Survivor contestant OF ALL TIME is back this season. Let’s win the million, Joey Amazing. I believe in you. Crush it.

But also… who is ready for Colton to jump the fence?! And who are you hoping for as Bachelorette? I like Hannah G!

What I’m Trying

I’ve decided that it’s FINALLY time to get back into the swing of working out. I’ve done a terrible job the past 6ish months keeping up with a work out routine. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and everyones wears by Kayla Itsines. So I’m going to try out BBG! Do you do it?! Let me know! I’m super excited to get started! I tried an arms workout yesterday and my entire body hurts. HAHA

What I’m Eating

Guys… guess what I found at the grocery store?! Cadbury Creme Eggs are back! If you know me personally, you probably know these are my favorite candy EVER (Don’t @ me. They are the best.) I was so excited when I saw them out that I bought 6. HAHA Good thing I’m working out again…

What I’m Listening To

Hopping back on the Survivor train, you all know I really enjoy Rob Has A Podcast. But every season before Survivor begins, he has this girl named Angie on who has this incredible system of how specific type casts perform in the game. She reveals who is cast in which role and then tells you where they are expected to finish this season. If you’re a Survivor nerd like me, I promise you’ll find this fascinating! If not, go listen to my default, Small Town Murder. 🙂

What I’m Shopping For

Our summer vacation!! I’ve already started planning out Trev’s outfits. We’ve picked up a few things that I freakin’ love and can’t wait to see him in when the weather starts getting warmer! We picked up two amazing shirts at Saks and one from Target that looks SO EXPENSIVE but was so dang cheap! We’ve almost got everything he needs for our time on… oh wait. I’m still keeping that a secret. 😏

What Else Is New

If you’re just stumbling upon this blog, you might not know what’s been going on, or where I’ve been this past week. You can click here to read more. Other than that, nothing is new. We’re getting back into the swing of things and I’m just counting down the days until the weekend!

I’ll be back tomorrow my friends!


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