Chasing Waterfalls Across The Poconos

Alright all you 90s babies… I’m about to do the unthinkable and tell you to forget those infamous words of TLC. Today, I’m telling you DO go chasin’ waterfalls, don’t you dare stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to. Because if you listen to them, you’re going to missing out on some pretty spectacular sights across The Poconos.

For those of you that haven’t been here since the Fall (HI! Welcome to Savannah Said It! I’m so happy you’re here!) you probably don’t know that my handsome hubby and I took a weekend getaway to The Poconos. We were expecting to have a good weekend, but we never expected to love our time in Pennsylvania so much! Of all the beautiful places we visited and things we saw, the waterfalls were some of our favorites.

And guys… we didn’t even get to see the best ones! (More on that in a bit.)

Beautiful waterfalls can be found all over the region, with most easily accessible on easy hiking trails. From the tallest waterfall in the state to the “Niagara of Pennsylvania” (still can’t spell that one) these are the best waterfalls to visit in The Poconos.

Raymondskill Falls

Still so proud of this picture because I capture that rainbow!

Raymondskill Falls was easily my favorite waterfall we saw. It’s 150 feet tall and SO impressive! However, this waterfall won’t be for everyone. To reach it, you have to hike down a steep, uneven trail. Raymondskill Falls boats two viewing platforms with seriously steller views. One from the middle of the falls, and one from below. (I think the view from the bottom was my favorite!) Learn more here.

Dingmans Falls

Stole this picture from Poconos Tourism.

UGH. Just LOOKING at the pictures of these falls gives me some serious FOMO. I wanted to visited these SO bad. In fact, our original plan was to visit Dingmans Falls and Dingmans Ferry at the same time we went to Raymondskill Falls. Unfortunately, it was closed! I was so freakin’ sad because they looked so pretty. But a Nor’Easter hit this area super hard last March, and it was still closed for reconstruction when we visited in October. Dingmans Falls are the second highest waterfall in the entire state and supposedly one of the prettiest you can see in The Poconos. Learn more here.

Glen Onoko Falls

Found this photo on Google! So pretty, right?!

These falls were on my Poconos Bucket List. We had planned to hike them after visiting Jim Thorpe for the day but Mother Nature seemed to have other plans. These falls are said to be the very best in all The Poconos, but they’re super challenging to get to. Because of it’s challenging nature, we were encouraged by locals not to risk it because everything was extra slick from all the rain we got. I regret not getting to visit these falls SO much. However, I don’t regret ya know… being alive. Learn more here.

Bushkill Falls

Stole this picture from Poconos Tourism!

Ahhhh. The moneymaker Niagara of Pennsylvania. We debated about visiting this waterfall and ended up choosing not to. The reason? The fact that it cost $16.50 a person. We knew that we wouldn’t have enough time to spend in the Bushkill area to justify spending that much. And since we had been to the actual Niagara Falls just a few months earlier, we decided to skip out. There are many people that claim this is a can’t miss waterfall, and others that say it’s overpriced and they prefer Raymondskill Falls. I say, do your research and decide if a visit to Bushkill is right for you. These falls are on a privately owned property and the entrance fee gives you access to the entire area. For an additional fee, you can rent paddle boats, play putt putt, mine for gemstones and fish. If you have kids with you, I think this might be the perfect spot. Learn more here.

Buttermilk Falls AKA The Waterfall At Our Hotel

OMG Guys. I legit have the funniest story that has transpired in the past 5 minutes as I got to this part in my post. I had planned to share Buttermilk Falls with you and the story of how I didn’t get to see them and am still salty about it. And then I was going to share an honorable mention with you about the waterfall by the entrance to our hotel being the cutest thing ever. (I bet you can see where this story is going.) I’m not even kidding when I say it wasn’t until RIGHT NOW as I’m writing this post that I’m realizing it was Buttermilk Falls.

Dwight is really speaking to me rn.

Okay. Story time. I really wanted to see this waterfall and was v. upset with Trevor when he said he didn’t want to drive to see another waterfall and I lowkey pouted for 20 minutes. He wanted to make it up to me so he was all “let’s stop at the little waterfall on our way to dinner” and I said okay and we took a bunch of pictures. And guys. NEITHER OF US KNEW THIS WAS THE WATERFALL I WANTED TO SEE THE ENTIRE TIME. I just can’t. HAHA

Moral of the story. Visit Buttermilk Falls. It’s really cute… and there’s a great place to grab lunch just around the corner. (We’ll be talking about that next Tuesday!) Also, there might be more than one Buttermilk Falls in the area. I’m not exactly sure (there are A LOT of Buttermilk Falls in the US and I just don’t have time to comb through them all tonight, but this is the one I’m talking about!)

Look how cute this little bridge is! It reminds me of the bridges in Hocking Hills.

Still not finding the right waterfall for you? Luckily, The Poconos is home to literally hundreds of beautiful waterfalls just waiting for you to explore! You can begin your adventure here.

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Alright my friends. It is COLD here. Seriously, the feels like right now is -20!! And it’s just going to get colder. Shout out to all those companies out there that are keeping their employees best interest in mind and giving them the day off tomorrow! Me? I’ll be trekking it to work in hopes that I don’t turn into a popsicle.

Have a great night everyone! And if you’re reading this from the Midwest or North East… stay safe and warm!


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