The Best of 2018

Oh my gosh. You guys. How is it already the last day of 2018?! I can’t believe how quickly this year flew by! And honestly… I’m kind of glad. 2018 was SO NOT my year. Like seriously.

Thinking back to this time last year, I was certain that 2018 was going to be my best year yet. I thought that everything would be different at this exact moment in time and yet, here I am, in the same old apartment looking around and thinking about all the very lofty goals I set for myself that I didn’t achieve.

I shared this story last month, when I had a mini breakdown at the beginning of November. And I’m going to share it again, because I think it’s important to remind myself (and anyone else who did complete all their 2018 goals) to hear again.

The other night, Trev and I were laying in bed talking about what our weekends for November looked like. He said “Woah. We only have one free weekend until Thanksgiving. Can you believe this year is almost over?” I paused for a second and then, my head started spinning. 2018 was almost over? How did that happen? It seems like I was just setting my goals on January first and now we’re starting to write the end of the Chapter that is 2018.

I had so many lofty goals for this year, those I shared with others, and those that I kept to myself. And most of those lofty goals were not achieved. (Like buying a house or starting a family.) And I just started to cry. How had I let this year go by without achieving anything “big”. I didn’t pass a big milestone this year, and I suddenly felt so small about myself.

This is when Trev wrapped me up in a giant hug and reminded me that it’s okay to have a building year. A year where you don’t really pass any big milestones, but have grown as people from where we were last year at this time. When he said this, I realized just how much we’d grown in the past year, and just how thankful we should be for all the things that this year has given us.

You can read this original post here. So today, I’m looking back on this year of growth, and all the happy memories we have shared.

Every year, I get a little bit nervous to leave the year behind us and jump into a new year filled with uncertainties, unknowns and new challenges. But this year? I’m ready to leave 2018 behind. 2019 is going to be our year. I can just feel it.

On a side note, before I get to recapping my year, today is a super special day for me and my hubby! EIGHT years ago today (how has it been that long?!) we went on our very first date. Little did we know way back then, it would be our very last first date ever. Kind of crazy to think about! We went out with our friends to ring in 2011. And even though he got us kicked out of the bar (long story!) we’ve been inseparable since that night.  So cheers to EIGHT years of laughs, adventures and love, Babe. I’m so happy I get to do life with you! (PS… if you want to see LOTS of embarrassing photos and hear the whole story, head over to my Insta Stories! @savannah_edmondson)

Thank you all for joining me for 2018!  I’m so happy that you’re here, and that we’re going to be ringing in 2019 together. I hope that 2019 brings you 12 months of success, 52 weeks of laughter, 365 days of good luck, 8760 hours of fun, 525600 minutes of joy, 31536000 seconds of love and 1 whole year of happiness!

I’ll talk to you next year. 😉



We started out the year ringing in 2018 snuggled up at home.

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We spent a few weekends filled with winter fun Up North.

And we did A LOT of puzzles.


We cheered on Tom Brady and the Patriots in the Super Bowl. (I still don’t wanna talk about it.)

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I got the chance to do a super fun collab where I shared the yummiest Galentine’s Day drink recipes! (Check them out here!)

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We got to see our favorite podcast, Small Town Murder LIVE! (Even though I had the flu and was beyond sick that day.)

We got new passports. (See how we took our own passport photos here.)

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And we did a super cute DIY for our kitchen that you can find here!


As Spring rolled around, we spent a lot of weekends with our sweet little niece.

Trev crossed off a Bucket List item and competed in his first weight lifting competition! I was so proud! (You can find his blog here.)

And I got balayage and freakin’ loved it.

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April started celebrating Easter.

We embraced April showers.

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We dove head first into Spring Cleaning.

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We started our side jobs again at Comerica Park.

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And, most importantly, I ate my first Cheese Shanty sandwich of the season!

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May brought us beautiful weather, and better spirits! We had lots of Date Nights.

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We celebrated Cinco de Mayo.

We went to Tulip Time!

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We celebrated The Royal Wedding!

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We spent a weekend Up North with both of our families.

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We fished… a lot!

And we soaked up all the sun we possibly could Memorial Day Weekend.

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June was the official start of Summer of us! It started with my first teaching job ending for the school year, and my babies graduating from Young 5s! (PS… how gorgeous is this dress?! You can still buy it here.)

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We spent some time at The Ballpark.

We celebrated this guy’s 30th Birthday…

with a trip to Niagara Falls!

We went wine tasting in Canadian Wine Country.

We celebrated our second wedding anniversary.

And, we spent a weekend in The Windy City!


As July rolled around, we were still living it up in Chicago!

We spent the Fourth of July in Blissfield.

We spent as much time out on the boat as we could.

Trev ran in a race.

We got to kayak on Belle Isle!


And we spent a lot of time exploring our city.


When August rolled around, I couldn’t believe how quickly my summer had gotten away from me. I was determined to make the absolute most of it! I started crossing off as many of my summer bucket list items as I could!

We fished some more.

Trev got to throw out first pitch at a baseball game!

His teams started making their way back into the weight room and onto the field.

And I started shopping for Fall!


Before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye to summer. We spent Labor Day weekend enjoying every last bit of it Up North.

We discovered our love of Breakfast Dates.

I did a TON of Fall DIYs!

We watched a lot of Soccer.

I finally go to go to a Vintage Market!

We celebrated my birthday with an international date night… to Canada!

We went to ArtPrize.

We visited an Apple Orchard.

Andddd we watched MORE soccer. (I also got a new phone and this was the first portrait photo I took on it.)


October brought us Fall… my favorite time of year! We started October with a trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

We watched (you guessed it) MORE soccer.

We took a mini vacation to The Poconos!

We celebrated Halloween!

And we celebrated this little angels First Birthday!


We finished out fall with a pretty dang perfect November. We took our annual trip to Frankenmuth.

It snowed!

We celebrated Thanksgiving.

We scored some amazing deals shopping small on Black Friday.

And we spent some time getting away from our real lives Up North.


And December? Well December was giant mush of Christmas fun. While I still feel like I didn’t get to do everything I love to do at Christmas time, and Christmas didn’t feel like it even came this year, we still had a pretty awesome December. We celebrated Sleighbell Weekend.

We celebrated Christmas in the city.

We got to see our favorite podcast live again, but this time I wasn’t sick. AND we got to meet them!

We sent out Christmas cards.

We went home for the holidays.

And we celebrated Christmas!

Like I mentioned before… 2018 wasn’t our best year. But we sure did make a lot wonderful memories. And everything you just read? It wasn’t even half of the things I blogged about this year! From DIYs to Travel Posts, Weekend Round Ups to Recipes and everything in between, you’ll find every 2018 post below! (Or use the search bar to your right to find specific posts!)

January 2018

February 2018

March 2018

April 2018

May 2018

June 2018

July 2018

August 2018

September 2018

October 2018

November 2018

December 2018

Alright guys. I’m officially read to say goodbye to 2018! How are we celebrating tonight?! We’re ending the year like the Old Married Couple we are. Snuggled in at home with lots of food, drinks, puzzles and each other. Have a safe and wonderful New Year friends! I’ll see you 2019!


One thought on “The Best of 2018

  1. Looks to me like you had an awesome 2018.. beautiful memories..there are some things you just have to do..if you wait for everything to be may never and Trevor’s dreams will all come true..I just know it… Happy New year.. love you.

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