Massive Weekend Round Up (Christmas Edition!)

You guys. I’m officially in a Christmas Coma. Since we’ve talked I’ve celebrated FIVE Christmas celebrations. FIVE. Like how crazy is that? Not that I’m complaining, because as you all know… I love Christmas and the entire Holiday season. The whole world just seems a little bit better because Giving and Sharing and Family and Friends are on everyone’s minds. And when it comes time to take down the Christmas decorations, put away the gifts and finish up all the leftovers, I always get super sad.

And looking through my pictures from last weekend and this weekend is making me even sadder because I already miss my family so dang much! We had another perfect Christmas, and honestly, I just wish Christmas time could last forever!

I decided that since I was home from Friday until Wednesday, worked two days and then was with Trev’s family from Friday until today that I would lump my two weekends into one giant weekend round up!

Our weekend started out the Friday night before Christmas as soon as I got out of work. Trev was there to pick me up, I hopped in the car, and we were on our way!

As soon as we rolled in, I gave Trev is “stocking stuffer”. We don’t do Christmas presents, we usually buy something we both want together and then fill each other’s stockings. But I decided to surprise him this year with the Super NES Classic that he had been wanting!

Look how excited he was!

We played with his new toy for awhile and then settled in for a nice, long winter’s nap! (PS… turns out I legit SUCK at all the games on there. It took me 15 lives to pass the first level of Mario.)

Saturday we slept in and spent our morning working on a new puzzle! We thought it would be super easy because it was only 500 pieces but it was easily one of the toughest puzzles we’ve ever done!

Saturday afternoon we headed to the bowling alley to meet up with a few of my cousins! We had so much fun. And OMG I am SO terrible at bowling. My highest score was a 55! Hahaha

After bowling, my mom and I headed to The Vogue to see Mary Poppins Returns. I freakin’ LOVED it! Have you see it? What did you think?!!

When the movie was finished we walked down to TJs Pub to get dinner with my Dad and Trev. After dinner, we got hot cocoa and Christmas Movies and drove through Sparkle in the Park and around our favorite neighborhoods looking at Christmas Lights!

We finished up our busy Saturday snuggled up by the Christmas tree.

Manly with the photobomb.

Sunday we spent the day relaxing. It was SO nice to have a day where we literally did nothing but work on our puzzle, watch Christmas movies and eat.

We spent all day lookin’ like Mojo.

Monday we woke up and it was Christmas Eve! We started it out right… with cookies from the Daily Bakehouse!

We spent the day prepping apps for Christmas Eve at my Grandma’s. Before we knew it, it was time to get dressed up and head to church!

After church we headed to my Grandma’s! We had our annual White Elephant Gift Exchange, ate lots of yummy food, and had so many laughs!

LOL my cousin Jayden got a toilet for while he’s hunting in the woods.

We came home and snuggled up by the Christmas tree while we waited for Santa!

On Christmas morning we woke up and opened presents!

V. Excited to see what Santa Paws left them.
Guys… I got a Quip in my stocking and I already love it so much!

We were super spoiled this year and got so many amazing gifts! We spent the rest of the day playing with our new gadgets, finishing our puzzle anddddd taking pictures.

After our Christmas, we headed to my other Grandma’s for Christmas with our family! We had Shine Nog, tons of food, and lots of laughs.

Isn’t my cousin LJ so short? HAHA

The day after Christmas we slept in before heading back to TJs (Two trips in one weekend! Talk about lucky for us!) to grab lunch before heading back to Detroit.

Love this picture of my handsome hubby!

After lunch we took one last beach ride before packing up the car and heading home.

As for the rest of that day? I cried my eyes out as we drove away back to the city with an absolutely packed car. We were all so sad we had to leave. Our time Up North went by way too fast, as always.

Fast forward two days at work before we packed up again and this time headed south to Blissfield for Christmas with Trev’s family!

We spent Saturday celebrating his family Christmas. Instead of writing about it, I’m just going to share a bazillion pictures of my niece being the cutest ever.

How cute is the cupcake kitchen we bought her?!
We also got her this hat and I can’t even handle how cute she is in it.

Also, I got a weighted blanket and you have NO IDEA how happy I was!!

This morning we had breakfast with the family and got to play with our niece a little bit more!

Once she laid down for a nap, I headed with Trev’s mom, Grandma and cousin to check out the new coffee shop in town. It was SO CUTE.

After our coffee date, Trev and I packed up and headed back home to Detroit. Now we’re cleaning, grocery shopping and attempting to get all our amazing gifts put away!

I hope everyone had an absolutely wonderful holiday! And I also hope that unlike me, you’re still enjoying a nice break from real life for the holidays. (Seriously. I have to work tomorrow… ugh.)

Alright guys. You’ve got ONE more post from me coming at you this year! Look for my Year in Review this New Years Eve!

Until then, enjoy your last few days of 2018!


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