Faux, Ho, Ho. Last Minute Christmas DIYs To “Spruce” Up Your Holiday Decor

Guys. Can you believe that Christmas is literally a week away?! It’s time for the final push to the Holidays where we’re all working, we’re all trying to finishing buying and wrapping presents, and we’re all trying to get our homes in tip top shape for the Holiday guests that will start arriving this weekend.

I know that when I’m cleaning for guests, I over analyze EVERY LITTLE THING. Like “OMG there is a spot on the carpet in the corner under Jackson’s toys! We have to hide it!” Cuz you know, everyone is totally going to notice. (Insert eye roll here.) Over the years, I’ve found that cleaning the big stuff is important, but whenever you’re having guests over for the holidays, making your home feel warm, cozy and festive is what they’re really going to remember. (Not if you don’t have enough throw pillows on your guest bedroom bed.) 

Chances are, your halls are already decked, your stockings are hanging by the chimney with care and your presents are wrapped with ribbons and bows. But, if you’re looking for a last minute trick to bring the cozy, warm homie feels to your home this Christmas, I’ve got you covered. 

The easiest way to “Spruce” up your home for the Holidays is with faux greenery. (Get it? Spruce? HAHA I crack myself up.) Believe it or not, you don’t have to spend fortunes on the latest holiday trends to make your home picture perfect and ready for guests. Some good old fashioned greenery never goes out of style. And the fake stuff? It will last you for years to come. 

Today, I’m showing you how I added greens to my holiday decor this year with THREE easy DIYs that you can do in 30 minutes or less! So grab your glue gun and a Michaels/Hobby Lobby/ JoAnn’s coupon. It’s time to get inspired with a few DIYs you can do before Christmas! 

Tis the Season for Effortless Centerpiece

For an absolutely effortless, rustic, fresh out the woods look, all you need is a few realistic looking bundles of faux pine, some berries and a cute container! Wayyyy back in October when Kirklands first started putting out their Christmas things, I found this milk can and I just couldn’t leave it behind! (PS, it’s on sale right now for $11 if you want to try to grab it!) 

Inside the can, I arranged two Pine bundles from the Blooming Holiday collection at JoAnn’s  (I wish I could link the exact pine I used but I can’t find it anywhere online! I may be in stores only. However this one, and this one are very similar!) and 3 red berry picks! I also can’t find these online, but I took a picture of the tag for you! They are in the aisle with all their picks and literally cost me like 80 cents a piece. I bought a ton of them! 

When I say “arranged” I legit mean that I put everything in the jug, fluffed it a bit and BAM my ugly coffee table instantly looked prettier! 

I also put together a quick centerpiece for my kitchen table. I literally threw this together with extra greens I had from the Target Dollar Spot, and a few mason jar candles from the Dollar Tree. Recognize the basket? It’s from this Fall DIY I did! You can’t buy it anymore, but I’m sure you can find something similar at Michaels! I did it the exact same way as my Fall DIY, but instead of pumpkins, I used Christmas greens! 

Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly Greenery 

This year I’ve been OBSESSED with making boughs for the top of everything in my home. I’ve got this big one on top of my Dollar Tree DIY from last year, and mini ones all over the place like this one on my advent calendar. 

These were SO EASY to make! It really doesn’t matter what kind of greens you use. The key is mixing them to give them an imperfectly, perfect look! I wandered through the picks at Hobby Lobby and found two longers, skinnier, frosted “pine” (I literally don’t know what kind it’s supposed to be!) and a normal looking “pine” that was smaller and softer. I also used two of the same berry picks from above! I’m sharing pictures of the tags below because I can’t find them on the Hobby Lobby website. 

I also grabbed some ribbon, my glue and some floral tape! (I’d recommend floral wire instead, but I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE. Seriously, every store in Detroit seemed to be sold out!) 

Now, I am for sure not a bough making expert, so I probably did this all wrong! However, this is what worked for me! I started by laying my greens on top of each other to get the look I wanted. Once I saw what I liked, I began my gluing my bottom layer together at the stems, and then wrapping in floral tape so you couldn’t see the glue. (I used the frosted pine as the bottom!) If I had floral wire I wouldn’t have had to glue it, but I had to improvise! 

Next, I glued the next layer on, and then finally the berries. 

After I added a little bit more floral tape, and made a big bow with my ribbon. (The ribbon you see if from Hobby Lobby. I don’t LOVE it, and next year will probably change it out to something that matches my other decor better.) 

And that was it! To hang it, it’s resting on two little nails in the wall, above my scroll. The smaller boughs (which were created the exact same way, just using left over greens from the next DIY) all rest on one little nail. 

Pimp Your Garland 

It’s no lie that buying a pre-made garland is literally the easiest way to bring in some beautiful greenery into your decor. However, pre-made garland can me EXPENSIVE. I’m here to show you that with a few picks (seriously, I used like 5 extra picks in total), a few bells from The Dollar Tree and a cheap garland from my local store, you can go from this… 

to this…  

in less than an hour. 

All you will need is a garland (literally any kind! I got this one at my local Meijer a few years back) and a few different picks that will give your garland that little extra something. I chose two flocked bushes from JoAnns, a few of the same berry picks I used above, some solid red berries I had on hand, a piece of pine from the Target Dollar Spot and 5 white bell ornaments from the Dollar Tree! I also repurposed my old Charlie Brown tree into this garland! 

I started out by using wire clippers to clip everything into smaller pieces. Then, I began gluing them randomly all over the original garland. 

I glued away until my garland looked fuller and more realistic. I was so happy with how it turned out! If it weren’t so close to the holidays, I would probably head back to the store and get a few more picks to add in, but I just didn’t have the time this year. The good news is, that since it’s faux, I can pull it out next year and add whatever my heart desires! But for now, it’s perfect. 

Peep the garland behind the Christmas tree sign. It honestly looks SO much prettier laid out flat but we don’t have a mantle to put it on. Fingers crossed that next year we’ll be in a new home with a pretty mantle or staircase!

Still haven’t found a DIY you love yet? Click below to see my DIYs of Christmas Past! 

Fixer Upper Inspired Christmas Sign 

Dollar Tree Christmas DIY

Red Berry Wreath 

And before I go… 

I want to take a quick minute to wish the very best guy I know the happiest of birthdays today… My Dad! I’m so bummed I can’t be with him to celebrate today, but am looking forward to some Dinner and Drinks at TJs this weekend in honor of the birthday boy!

For those who are lucky enough to know my dad, they know that he is one of the most kind hearted, funny and genuine people you will ever meet. And they know every second that they spend with him makes their life a little bit better. And me? I’m lucky enough to have him as my dad. We look alike, love to rock hunt, we have the same sense of humor, and we both slap our knees when we laugh. He’s always there for me, and would do anything to make me smile. He’s the best Dad in the whole wide world. And I’m so lucky to have him by my side. So join me in wishing him a very Happy Birthday today!

Alright my loves. What last minute Christmas DIYs will you be trying?! Leave them in the comments below! 

Have a wonderful Tuesday my friends. I’ll be back tomorrow! 


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