#WhatUpWednesday Christmas Edition!

What Up, What Up my friends?! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so I figured, why not make today’s #WhatUpWednesday a Christmas edition! Today I’ll be sharing everything I’m into, doing and loving right now… with a Peppermint Twist. (Get it? I crack myself up!) 

What (Christmas Dress) I’m Wearing

I ALWAYS buy my Christmas Dress from Express. No joke! For the past 9 years I’ve picked one up on Black Friday for a STEAL and have always loved them. However, this year, I didn’t love any of their new dresses, so I bought my dress from Lulu’s instead! It’s red and beautiful and literally screams “CHRISTMAS” when you look at it! My dress from last year, (that so many of you loved!) is back again this year! You should totally snag it if you’re looking for a dress. It is SO flattering and really gorgeous in person! I honestly considered buying it in a different color. You can get it here. (PS… It’s on sale right now for 40% off!!)

What (Christmas Treats) I’m Eating

Last year we made these Gingerbread Whoopie Pies from the Magnolia Journal and they were SO delicious! You can actually find the recipe in her cookbook too for all you other Joanna Gaines lovers! I promise you’ll LOVE these desserts, they are SO yummy that we made them again this year and I’ve been eating them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. #Healthy. And if you don’t already own her cookbook, someone shared the recipe on Pinterest! Find it here

What (Christmas Candles) I’m Smelling

LOL this one sounds so weird, but I didn’t really know how else to put it! My shipment FINALLY arrived from Candle Day, so I’m burning all my favorite Bath and Body Works Christmas scents! Some of my favorite winter scents are… Winter, Cinnamon Carmel Swirl, Winter Woods, Hot Cocoa and Cream, Spiced Gingerbread Swirl, Marshmallow Fireside, and Campsite Coffee. (Literally just a few that I love right now. The list goes ON and ON!) 

What (Christmas Drink) I’m Sippin’ 

Are you ready for this one? Shine Nog! It’s Eggnog Moonshine which sounds COMPLETELY awful, I know. But I promise you, it’s the most delicious moonshine to ever exist. We like to make it a drink by mixing it with Rootbeer but it’s fantastic on it’s own too! Click here to see if you can find it sold near you! (It’s super hard to find in Michigan, but I bet you can find it all over The South!) 

What (Christmas Shows) I’m Watching 

I LOVEEEE Christmas Movies, which you all know! So my TV has pretty much been set to Hallmark Channel all day, every day! However, I decided to switch to Freeform for Lifesize 2. And y’all. I was SO disappointed. Did anyone else watch it? Like I love cheesy movies but I really didn’t like this. And I wanted to so bad because the first one was always one of my favs when I was little and I really love Tyra and that girl from Secret Life. If you watched it, did you like it? Should I rewatch? 

What (Christmas Traditions) I’m Excited About

I’m so excited to be home for the holidays! Snuggling by the tree with Trev, watching movies on the couch with my mom and pups, cooking in the kitchen with my dad, seeing my whole family in one place, going to my Grandma’s on Christmas Eve and my other Grandma’s on Christmas Day, doing puzzles, baking cookies, giving the gifts I’ve picked out for my loved ones. I literally just LOVE Christmas so much! I can’t wait to head home next weekend! Eeek! 

What I’m Looking Forward To

Andddd the last one isn’t Christmas related… it’s about this weekend! We have THE BEST date day and night planned for Saturday and it’s FINALLY SMALL TOWN MURDER DAY!!! I can not wait to go see James and Jimmy downtown Detroit! Any of you heading to the show this weekend?!! I can’t wait to share it all with you on Sunday!! 

So my friends, what’s up in your lives?! 

Alright. It has been a longggg day and I’m ready to shower and snuggled up in bed! I’ll be back tomorrow with another Christmas themed post! I’ll talk to you then. 


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