Weekend Round Up (Sleighbell Weekend 2018!)

Happy, happy, Monday my loves! Now that we’re a full week into December, I’m officially in FULL ON Christmas mode! (Not that I haven’t been since the weekend before Thanksgiving. HA) I’ve spent this weekend kicking off the Christmas season in my favorite way! We headed up to Manistee for The Sleighbell Parade and Old Christmas weekend. Our weekend went by WAY to freakin’ fast. And it’s just so not okay!

Our weekend started on Friday night after I got out of work. I actually got done at a really decent time! We still got stuck in the oh so lovely rush hour traffic that turns 275 into a parking lot, but we made it safe and sound to Northern Michigan before 10:00! However, we’re #old and we went straight to bed after visiting with my parents for a few minutes and playing with the pups. 

Saturday morning, we were up early to enjoy all things Sleighbell! We laid relaxed by the Christmas tree while we drank coffee and munched on breakfast before getting dressed and heading downtown for the festivities! 

Heading downtown!

Of course we stopped by to grab a pic with the star of the parade… the giant tree! 

The highlight of our afternoon of course, was our super cozy lunch at TJs! 

The coziest pub in all of Manistee.

After lunch, we did a little shopping around town, took a beach ride and stopped by a few of the Sleighbell events before heading to visit my Grandparents!

Before we knew it, we were bundling up and heading back downtown to get our Sleighbell on!

All my favorite people in one photo!

We had hot cocoa, ate roasted chestnuts (I literally try one every year, and every year I hate them), and visited with family and friends as we waited for the parade! It was SO COLD this year! I honestly thought I was going to turn into a popsicle about an hour into the evening. 

How cute is my elementary/high school bestie dressed like a lumber jack?!

We secured our spots across from The Vogue Theater (where we always stand for this particular parade) and watched as the Victorian themed entires marched their way down Riverstreet. (Want to see a little bit of the parade? Head over to my Instagram and click on my “Pure Michigan” highlight reel!) 

We ready!
Lookin’ like Rudolph in this shot haha

The best part of the parade is at the end, everyone follows the massive tree down to the end of River Street to watch it get lit. It’s just so dang pretty! And there are fireworks! 

So pretty!!

After the parade, we grabbed some pizza and headed home to eat and snuggle in for a Christmas movie. 

Sunday morning we woke up to my dad making his famous pancakes (I’m not even joking when I say they are better than iHop’s!) After breakfast we spent some time with my parents, visited my other Grandparents, and mailed out our Christmas cards (I can’t wait to share this year’s card with you next week!) before heading to lunch with a few of our friends at Big Al’s. 

Here’s an awkward photo taken by my lovely husband. LOL

After lunch we packed up the car and headed back to Detroit. Our time Up North always flies by, and it’s always way too short! We got home way later than we normally do, so as soon as we pulled in, it was time to play catch up on all the things we needed to get done this weekend. 

Spoiler alert… we still didn’t get to the grocery store. HA 

And today we’re both off to work bright and early and won’t be home until late tonight. Here’s to hoping our Mondays (and yours too!) don’t feel like a Monday!

Have a fantastic start to your week everyone. I’ll be back tomorrow! 


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