Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Stocking Stuffers

Happy Hump Day Loves! Oops. This post is going up a day late. So HAPPY THURSDAY my loves! How pumped are you that it’s Friday eve?! I legit can’t wait for the weekend! It’s Sleighbell Weekend in my hometown and it’s like my favorite weekend of all December! (Besides Christmas, obvi.)

Anyways. Today, I’m bringing last year’s favorite Gift Guide to Savannah Said It! Last year, Trev and I were talking in the car about Stocking Stuffers when I realized, SO many people have no idea what to put in stockings! Personally, I think stockings have the best gifts! Small trinkets, things I need, and 98% of the time… something to eat! So we teamed up to bring you 5 themed stockings for special people in your life. We’re doing the same this year and tbh, quite a few of the stockings have the same gifts in them because they were just that good! However, we’re adding one new stocking to the mix this year too 🙂 

We figured out long ago, that the key to filling up stockings is mixing affordable finds with a few bigger pieces to make a stocking that could easily be a stand alone gift too! (We usually do this for each other, rather than buying gifts. Or we choose one thing we both want and order it!)

Let’s start with Trev’s stockings first!

Hey Guys. I’m here with two stockings that any dude would love to get.

The “Everyday Carry” Stocking

This stocking is for any guy who always has stuff in his pocket, like me. On any given day, you’ll find my wallet, pocket knife, keys, chapstick, and fidget spinner in my jeans. All of these things either make my life easier, or are upgraded versions of my favorite Everyday Carry items.

Pry.Me Bottle Opener 
(20% off right now!)

Cosmos Key Cable
(20% off right now!)

KeySmart Nano Clip 

KeySmart Classic 

Kershaw Shuffle 

Streamlight 66118 Stylus Pro LED PenLight

And, this is more of a “present” than a stocking stuffer based on the price. But I love my Trayvax wallet! You can find my exact wallet here

The “Kid at Heart” Stocking

I am a firm believer in never growing up. Every Kid at Hearts wants a stocking full of things that they can enjoy and let them feel like a kid again. Just make sure these things are an upgraded, adult version of their favorite childhood toys/memories so they can use them in their every day, boring, adult life.  The other day, Savannah and I were walking around Target and couldn’t believe how awesome they were set up for Stocking Stuffers this year. So all of these choices can be found at Target! Either use the link and have them shipped to you or your nearest store, OR make a Target Run and see if you can find them in the wild.

Handheld Oregon Trail Game

Duncan Butterfly YoYo

Tangle Toy
(These are great stress relievers! I had one in elementary school and used it whenever I felt anxious and still use it today!) 

Tabletop SkeeBall

Christmas Socks

Christmas Candy 

Okay! My turn!

The “Beauty Guru” Stocking

I am SO far from a Beauty Guru, but you can bet this is what my stocking looks like every.single.year. It’s filled with all the great little minis from Sephora and Ulta, and full sized drug store products I always need stocked up on. This is the kind of stuff my mom has always filled my stocking with because she knows, this is the way to my heart! Here are a few of my favorite things this Holiday Season!

Four Little Bites Amuse Bouche Lipstick Set

Photo Finish Primer Mini Trio

Becca Drenched in Glow Mini Face Set

Drunk Elephant NightBright Duo

Better Than Sex Ornament

ShapeTape and Sponge Duo

Beauty Blender Sweet Surprise 

Facial Roller

Tarte Lip Wardrobe Volume II

Tony Moly My Shea Sheet Mask 

The “Basic Betch” Stocking

This is easily my second favorite stocking because I’m Basic AF and proud of it. Anytime I see my favorite Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Bodyworks and Makeup in my stocking, I’m the happiest girl around!

Bath and Bodyworks Stocking Stuffers

Lush Bath Bombs

Anything from Victoria’s Secret


Butter Slipper Socks

Oh… and don’t forget the Starbucks Gift Card.  HAHA

The “Foodie” Stocking

For the foodie in your (or really anyone who likes to eat) fill their stocking with yummy treats! From fancy chocolates to everything they need to craft the perfect hot cocoa, a stocking that is completely edible is sure to make the food lover in your life smile from ear to ear!

World Market Chocolates

Williams Sonoma Peppermint Bark

Williams Sonoma Hot Chocolate (Classic)

Peppermint Spoons

Nyåkers Gingersnaps

Literally Anything from Cherry Republic

The “Classic” Stocking

None of these stockings speaking to you? Check out this list of Classic Stocking Stuffers that you can find just about anywhere! I’ve linked my favorite products on each, BUT trust me, you can pop into pretty much any store to get what you need to fill up a perfect stocking! 

Christmas Candy 

Christmas Socks

Gift Cards


Holiday Edition Makeup / Bath Bombs for Girls

Holiday Edition Soaps for Guys

Perfume / Cologne 

Hats and Mittens


What are you filling your stockings up with this year? The stockings pictured above are the ones I purchased last year from Chip and Jo’s Target line! They don’t have the same stockings this year, but they have new ones that are so freakin’ stunning! You can find them here

Alright my loves. I’m out of here because I have a ton to get done before I can head HOME tomorrow! Have a fantastic weekend everyone. I’ll be back on Sunday. 


PS… Proud wife moment! If you’re into sports and lifting weights and stuff, check out the podcast my hubby was on today by clicking here! (He’s on Episode 22!)

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