Finding Your Signature Scent

Hi Friends! How happy are you that it’s officially Friday Eve?! This week has been INSANE and I seriously can’t wait for the weekend to get here! We’ve got Date Night, it’s Candle Day (if you’re a Bath and Body Works fan you know what this means!) we get to spend Saturday with our niece, and I’ve got lots of cozy plans for Sunday. 

And since I have zero clever segue into today’s topic, I’m just going to jump right in! Today, we’re talking all about finding your signature scent! 

I love perfume. Like love, love, love, love perfume. I always have. I’ve owned HUNDREDS of bottles throughout my life time, and will probably own thousands more. There is something so magical about perfume. Certain scents can boost your mood, give you a confidence or take you back to a special time or event in your life. 

For example, every time I walk past a bottle of Tommy Girl, I’m INSTANTLY transported back to middle school. I’ll never forget when I pulled my very first bottle out of it’s box. I thought I was the chicest b*tch in town and would spray it on like no tomorrow. 

And every single time I spray my Miss Dior I think about the time we were in Paris and my mom took me into a shop on the Champs Elysees and bought me my first “designer” perfume. (This is still one of my favorite perfumes 13 years later. (LOL not the same bottle. I’ve repurchased this perfume at least 5 times since then!) Every time I smell it I think of that beautiful sunny day in Paris and it gives me all the happy feels.

Or when I’m dressing up for Date Night, and I’m putting on my La Vie Est Belle, Trev always smiles and says “You smell like our wedding day” and I instantly feel 3o times prettier. 

And when I need a boost of confidence? You can bet I’m pulling out my Gucci Guilty or My Burberry because both make me feel fierce AF. 

It’s crazy to think that a little bottle of perfume can have such an effect on you. Which is why a few weeks ago, when my friends over at FragrenceX reached out to me with what might be the greatest thing I’ve ever seen I jumped at the opportunity to share it with all of you! 

Finding your signature scent can be an absolutely DAUNTING task. There are thousands upon thousands of beautiful bottles of perfume out there, each one smelling completely different than the last. I know for me, it took me YEARS to find the scent that was perfect for me. But thanks to my friends at FragrenceX, finding your signature scent can be an absolute breeze! 

They’ve created a super cute, super handy, flowchart quiz to help you narrow down your search. While this particular flow chart was created specifically with Brides in mind, I have no doubt that it will be helpful to you even if you aren’t a bride! 

Whether you’re a floral girl like me, sweet, exotic or green, this quiz is a surefire way to find a scent that will make you say “I love that” more than Arie and Lauren. 

In a SHOCKING turn of events, I got the “floral” scent. (LOL) What scent did you get?! Does it match your personality? To learn more about each of these notes, and see a few examples of the perfumes that embody them, click here

And when you’re ready to purchase a bottle, click here! (They’ve got a a killer 15% off sale happening this week!) 

If you’re not convinced that any of these scents are for you, click through this list of my favorite scents below! (I’ve tried my best to describe each scent to you! I’ve repurchased all of these scents at least twice. So I promise you, they’re good!) 

La Vie Est Belle
floral, fruity, sweet, happy 
If you’ve ever wondered what I smell like, this is it! It smells freakin’ magical and is my go to! I wear this for every occasion, including my wedding. And everyone time I wear it, everyone wants to know what I’m wearing. 

whimsical, warm & spicy, floral

Marc Jacobs
light, fruity, feminine, floral

Miss Dior
youthful but sophisticated, feminine, warm florals

feminine yet masculine, sultry, warm

My Burberry
timeless, english garden 

Coco Mademoiselle 
elegant, luxe, fresh

Black Opium 
warm & spicy, cozy, coffee & vanilla 

What are your favorite perfumes?! Leave them in the comments below! I’m always down to try a new scent! 

Alright my loves, I’m off to go prep for work tomorrow and snuggle up in bed! Have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be back on Sunday with a Weekend Round Up! Enjoy your last few days of November 🙂 


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