It’s another week, and another Wednesday, which means I’m here to share with you all What’s Up in my life! Let’s get right into it!

What I’m Buying (or Should I Say Bought?!)

Guys… I hit the JACKPOT this year with Black Friday Sales! I wish I could share everything I bought with you, but everyone I bought gifts for is reading this (Hi Fam!) and I don’t want to spoil their surprise. If you haven’t taken advantage of any sales yet, you need to! There are still some seriously great deals out there that are still happening. 

What I’m Excited About

December! If you’re new to Savannah Said It, you might not know what happens in December. My blog turns into three weeks of All Christmas, All The Time! (Kind of like the Hallmark Channel. Just not as good.) I’m going to be sharing gift guides, Christmas DIYs, recipes and more! Trust me, December on my blog is always so fun and full of Holiday Cheer! You’re not going to want to miss it, Be sure you’re subscribed so you can have the newest posts delivered right to your inbox as soon as they go live! 

What I’m Looking Forward To

Also… December! I’m really excited for all things Christmas! From Sleighbell  Weekend to seeing Christmas lights, wrapping presents to spending time with my family, I’m so ready for the holidays! 

What I’m Watching

Christmas movies! Now that all my shows are starting to finish up for the season, I’m turning my full attention to Christmas movies! I did a post on all my favorite ones that come on Hallmark last July during Christmas in July! They still ring true as my favorites, plus I’ve been loving the new ones too. 

What I’ve Been Up To

Working. A lot. I feel like this has been the never ending week and it’s only Wednesday. Oh well. At least my check will be HUGE thanks to all this time and a half I’m wracking up 🙂 Silver linings… am I right? 

So my friends, What’s Up in your lives?! 

I’m back tomorrow with a post that all you beauty lovers won’t want to miss! 

Have a fantastic rest of your Wednesday my friends! We’re officially half way through the week! (Thank Jesus.) 


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