Hi Friends! Guess who missed yesterday’s post… again? What is that, 3 Thursdays in a row now? Man, I’m nailing this whole blogging thing. 

Life tends to get very busy and very stressful for me as the holidays get closer. And with trying to prep my classroom for Thanksgiving and get my suitcase packed and baking for family and friends and being a good coaches wife and going to a basketball game I just didn’t have the time to get a blog up yesterday. I’m sorry! Fingers crossed next week will be better! 

Today isn’t really a full #WhatUpWenesday post, it’s just to let you know that I’m sorry this week has been short on posts! I wish this one could be longer but we’ll be stuck in the holiday traffic as soon at 6 pm hits and I’m out the door at work. 

For those of you traveling today too, safe travels! Just remember, here’s a turkey and stuffing siting for you on the other side of whatever travel disaster you may get into 🙂

Have a wonderful Wednesday my friends. I’ll be back on Monday with a Weekend Round Up. 


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