What Up, What Up my friends?! Another week, another Wednesday. And that means, it’s time to tell you Whats Up in my life! I suppose I should start out with where the heck I was yesterday since ya know, I was a #badblogger.

What I’m Up To / Why I Missed Yesterday’s Post

Ugh. You guys. For the SECOND week in a row I’ve missed my Tuesday post. I’m so sorry! I wanted to get it up for y’all SO bad.  But because of my job, I just couldn’t swing it. Do you ever have a reallllly long day on a Monday both in the fact that it’s just not a good day and that you work over time, and then everything gets thrown off? I mean, I didn’t even get home until after 7, ate dinner, wasn’t feelin’ great but still had a bunch of work stuff to do that didn’t get done while at work and by the time I finished everything I needed to and showered, it was basically already Tuesday. I figured “no problem, I’ll write on my break tomorrow.” Then Tuesday came, and I didn’t get a break because they needed me to cover a field trip, I worked over time and I didn’t get home until after 6. I was supposed to head to Trev’s girls first game, but I ended up being too late from work to even get to that. My head was also pounding (this weather lately in the Mid West is wrecking some serious havoc on my sinuses) and I decided that the best thing for my sanity was to go to sleep. So that’s what I did… at 7:30. HAHA In other words, I’m sorry Travel Tuesday wasn’t up yesterday. It will be up on Thursday this week instead!

What I’m Listening To

Ariana on repeat. All day, everyday. That’s it. Thank u, next.

What I’m Looking Forward To

Saturday! It’s time for our annual trip to Frankenmuth and I’m so pumped. Have you ever been? It’s the cutest little town ever! I’m linking all my Frankenmuth posts below, including a Travel Guide and Weekend Round Ups front he past two years!

Frankenmuth, Michigan

Weekend Round Up (November 2017)

Weekend Round Up (November 2016)

What I’m Buying

I’m starting to pick up the things I need for my Holiday DIYs! I have TWO Thanksgiving DIYs coming at you next week that I know you’re going to love. And before you know it, it will be December when it’s all Christmas, all the time here on Savannah Said it! I like to try to make DIYs that I think are timeless, and that I can pull out year after year! Want to see some of my DIYs of Christmas Past? (Like the ghost, but cuter, obvi.)

Dollar Tree Christmas DIY
(this costs $3 to make!)

Christmas DIY: Red Berry Wreath
(This wreath is STUNNING and so simple! Also they’ve brought back the exact bells I used this year! Find them here. They’re on major sale rn!)

The $1 Wedding DIY Every Bride Must Do at Christmastime
(If you just got married and saved your bouquet, you have to do this!!)

Christmas Tree Wood Sign
(I’m still SO proud of this knock off Joanna Gaines Christmas Sign!)

Eeek! I can’t wait! Speaking of Christmas…

What I’m Watching

Christmas Movies! I love, love, love, love all the Hallmark Christmas Movies (which is no surprise to any of you that have been with me the past two years)! I absolutely adored their first two premiers of this Christmas season, Christmas at Pemberly Manor (this is airing tonight at 10 pm BTW!) and The Road to Christmas. I’ve also got the DVR set for all my favorite Christmas movies! Wondering which ones I look forward to year after year? Click here! (PS, I wrote this as part of my Christmas in July series. So the dates and times are off. But you’ll be able to find them easily by checking your local listings, or clicking here.)

So my friends, what’s up in your lives?!

I’ll be back tomorrow! Have a great rest of your Wednesday. We’re officially half way through the week!




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