Indoor Herb Garden

Hi there my beautiful friends! Okay. Serious question for all of you… can you freakin’ believe that it’s already almost Halloween?! Like I feel like I blinked and October was over. Being this close to Halloween means one thing and one thing alone… it’s almost Fat Pants Season! From November 1st – January 1st I start pulling out my stretchiest pants because I know it’s time to eat.

The food is probably my second favorite thing about the holidays (the first is being with my family and all the warm cozy feelings they bring)! Every dish my family cooks during the holiday season is sprinkled with fresh herbs and spices that make our homes smell delicious and our tummies v. happy.

And making our lives a whole lot easier during the holiday seasons are the indoor herbs that my family grows. Herbs like basil, rosemary and thyme grow in the window sill at my parents house, and whenever my dad needs it for a recipe, he picks a sprig. It’s fresh, and it’s easy! I’ve always loved the idea of growing my favorite herbs inside but I have one major problem… I’m employed by Plant Hospice.


Luckily, my friends over at ProFlowers are making it easier than ever to start your own indoor herb garden with a handy guide to all the tips and tricks you could ever need to keep your herbs alive successfully start and grow your favorite herbs at home!

Sounds pretty great right?! Check out this sneak peak of their Herb Guide they sent over to me below!


It looks so easy… right?

Now, I know if you’re like me, you’re probably thinking “Sounds great… but how could I make that look pretty?” Don’t worry. They’ve got you covered with some style inspo too! Check out that sneak below!



Okay… if I didn’t live in a dingy apartment that gets absolutely zero natural light (I swear I basically live in a cave.) I would totally be adding that cute little herb wall to my kitchen! Or at least displaying it in cute pots on the kitchen counter.

See! I told you my friends at ProFlowers would make growing your own herbs easy. Just think about how much better/fresher your holiday dishes are going to taste this season, and about how much less stress you’ll feel when you realize you forgot to buy Oregano but it’s totally okay because it’s already on your counter and you just need to pick it.

You can find their entire guide here! I promise, it’s really, really good!

And don’t forget… if you’re not cooking the food this holiday season, it’s always a good idea to bring along a gift for your host/hostess. Might I suggest a beautiful bouquet from ProFlowers?! I’m DYING over how pretty their Thanksgiving centerpieces and bouquets are this year! I mean… this arrangement looks like it’s made for your Thanksgiving table!

So my friends, I have to know! Do you grow your own herbs?! What’s your favorite herb to cook with?

I’m off to finish out the workday. Friday is so close I can practically TASTE it! (Or maybe it’s the French Fries I’m eating rn. Not sure.) I hope you all have a wonderful Hallo-Weekend! Stay safe, and get spooky 🙂



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