Weekend Round Up (On A Monday!)

Ugh. You guys… today actually FEELS like a Monday. Like you know how some Mondays are just worse than others? Today is definitely a Monday that is worse for wear.

So to distract myself from all the Monday Mayhem that is going on around me, I’m going to recap my weekend for all of you! I know, I know. This post should have been up last night. But I spent a few extra hours at home, which mean I got back later and had to cram allllll of the things I needed to do into a short amount of time. TBH, I totally forgot this post wasn’t up yet until I laid down for bed. Oops.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I know I did. I don’t have a tone of pictures to share with you, because the weather sucked. BUT, I can tell you that my heart is rested and happy!

My weekend began Friday when I got out of work. I grabbed some dinner and began the long drive North. I didn’t make it home until late, but I instantly felt more relaxed the second I opened the door and could smell Lake Michigan Air. (Seriously. I never noticed this while I was living there, but my entire town smells like a Lake Michigan beach when you drive it. It’s the best, most comforting smell in the world!)

I got in my puppy snuggles and kitty snuggles (I had missed my Jacky Cat so much!) and chatted with my parents. I headed to bed early because I was exhausted!


Saturday I woke up praying for good weather. We were heading to Glen Arbor for the day for a Color Tour, The Pumpkin Festival, and to take some Blog Photos. And guess what? IT FREAKIN’ RAINED AND SNOWED ON US. (That’s Michigan for you.) It was so icky out that we got to do ZERO of the things we went up there for, except for eating lunch and making a quick stop at Cherry Republic.




In happier news, it was the Michigan vs .Michigan State game and Michigan won! #HailYeah #GoBlue

We headed home from Glen Arbor early, and my mom and I snuggled in to watch Hallmark movies. Saturday evening we headed to visit my Grandparents and then to dinner at TJs Pub! After dinner I went to visit my other Grandparents before heading to the beach to catch the sunset!


Sunday I slept in for the first time in ages! I woke up to my dad’s homemade blueberry muffins (yum!) and then got my things packed up and ready to go. We grabbed lunch at Big Al’s before Jacksy Cat and I started the long drive back to Detroit.


We got back just as Trev was getting home from his Women’s Soccer Game. He helped us unload and then we headed to do our normal Sunday afternoon things. (Like grocery shopping, folding laundry, cleaning up the house and meal prepping.) I made a pot of Paula Deen’s my homemade chicken noodle soup for us to have for dinner tonight and then we settled in to watch DWTS Juniors while we finished up some work.

How were your weekends? I know a weekend Up North was exactly what I needed!

I hope your week’s are off to a better start than mine! I’ll be back tomorrow with your first look in our Poconos Travel Series! Yayyyy! I’ll talk to you then.


PS… It’s Disney Night on DWTS! Who else is super pumped?!


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