Weekend Round Up (Poconos Edition!)

Helloooo My Beautiful Friends! It feels like it’s been AGES since I’ve talked to all of you! I’ve been taking a much needed break with my hubby and we’ve had the most wonderful weekend away! It wasn’t until we were sitting in a Poconos brewery Friday night that we realized just how much we needed a break from our every day lives. We both work jobs that have long hours and don’t take much time for ourselves. And when you’re busting your butt every single day without a day off (all summer we worked weekends at the Tigers and now our weekends are filled with going to Trev’s athletes games) it really takes a toll on you. This weekend left us relaxed and happy and feeling like we’re ready to take on the world again.

I’ll of course be brining you a Poconos Travel guide next week, but for today, I’m just going to share a quick recap of our trip!

Thursday afternoon we loaded up the car and headed to The Poconos!  We had about an 8 hour drive, but we stopped quite a few times since we weren’t in a hurry. We ended up making it to our resort at 11 pm!


Our condo was the CUTEST and we were so excited be there! However, we were exhausted and literally crashed the second we walked in the door.


Friday morning we were up early to head out on a hike! It was a cold, crisp, Fall morning. Perfect weather for hiking!

This particular hike had rocks to climb…




100 Mile Views…




And wildlife!


We had the best time on our hike even thought it practically killed us. This hike was TOUGH.



After our hike it was time for lunch! We headed to the Shawnee General Store where we heard we could get yummy sandwiches. And guys… our food was SO good! And SO big!


After lunch we continued North to see a Waterfall! Unfortunately, most of waterfalls and hikes we had hoped to do were closed because of damage that was sustained last Spring. But we were happy that we at least got to see Raymondsill Falls!


After seeing Raymondskill Falls we headed back to our resort. Look out cute our building was!


We cleaned up before heading to Tannserville to visit Big Pocono State Park and have some dinner!



Saturday we were up early again, this time to head to the town of Jim Thorpe! Unfortunately, it was a cold, rainy day. But that didn’t stop us from enjoying this sweet little town!





So I took a million photos on this stoop because it was so pretty and I loved my outfit and in all but this one (where I wasn’t ready for the photo and am lookinv v. awakrd) I was standing AND MY ZIPPER WAS DOWN. Hahahaha





As we headed back from Jim Thorpe we found The World’s Largest General Store, so you KNOW we had to stop. You guys… this place was so big they had a yellow brick road for you to follow so you didn’t get lost. They sold everything from Puppies and Fish to Candy and Tools. It was INSANE.


We also stopped by the Waterfall that was on the grounds of our hotel! I mean… how pretty is this?!


We went home, relaxed a bit and then cleaned up for dinner. Guys… our dinner spot on Saturday night just might be tied for our favorite brewery EVER. (We’re still arguing about the top spot. Trev thinks this place wins… I still think Snake River in Jackson Hole does.)


Yesterday morning we slept in before hitting the road and heading back to Michigan. We were both super sad to leave. Also, a squirrel ran out in front of me on I80 and I couldn’t stop or swerve safely and accidentally hit it and I was DEVASTATED and sobbed for the first 40 minutes of our drive. It was not a good day for us. HAHA We got home late, unpacked and headed to bed.

And today? Real life smacked us in the face at 4 and 5 am when our alarms went off. I know we were both still wishing that we had at least one or two more days in The Poconos!

Like the pictures you’ve seen so far?! Just wait until I bring you indepth Travel Guides to The Poconos starting NEXT WEEK! Be sure you’re subscribed to the blog so they are delivered to your inbox as soon as they are posted! Don’t want to wait? Head over to my Instagram (@savannah_edmondson) for a sneak peak at all the fun we had in my highlights!

How were your weekends?! Did you get to do anything fun?!

I’m off to work, but I’ll be back TOMORROW with a collab I promise you won’t want to miss! Especially if you’re a messy person like me 🙂

Have a great Monday everyone!


9 thoughts on “Weekend Round Up (Poconos Edition!)

    1. Thank you! It was! I just wish it had been a little bit chillier the week before so the Fall colors would have been popping! I bet anyone heading there this weekend will have the most gorgeous Fall color display!


  1. It looks like the most beautiful place, so glad you guys had a good time! (Also absolutely love your outfits – you look so stylish for someone who’s relaxing and hiking!!) Can’t wait for your next posts all about it 🙂

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