Weekend Round Up

Hey Hey! Happy Sunday my loves! I’m coming to you today from my kitchen where I’m sitting in a cozy sweater with a pot of my Grandma Rosie’s potato soup on the stove and Fall movies on the TV. I’m feeling so dang cozy today! Which is crazy… because yesterday I was feeling like my skin was sweating off. #MichiganWeather

How were your weekends?! I hope they were just as good as mine!

My weekend started out Friday night with me running errands. Wild night. I know! I went in search of the new Makeup Revolution foundation (neither of my Ulta’s had it), a new screen protector for my phone, and a run through Target because that’s literally the best way to spend a Friday night!

When Trev got home we ran to Culver’s to grab some dinner then settled in at home with cheeseburgers and The Office. I also tried out a Soap and Glory bath bomb (it smelled good but wasn’t nearly as great as any bath bomb/ bubble bar from Lush) and went to sleep early. It was a pretty great way to spend my Friday night!

Saturday we woke up early and headed to breakfast at Anna’s House!

How does he look so cute so early in the morning? Notice there are zero pictures of me because I was riding the #hotmessexpress as per usual. 

After breakfast we did our grocery shopping then came home to get ready to head to watch Trev’s men’s and women’s soccer teams. It was SO rainy out that we didn’t think they would get to play, but I kid you not. Just before game time the rain stopped, the sun came out and the temperature skyrocketed to 80 degrees!


Can you believe it was pouring buckets 15 minutes before this picture was taken?! 
It’s not very often in Michigan that you can wear shorts in October! 

It was gorgeous out for the entire men’s game, but them women’s game got postponed because more rain moved in.

Saturday evening we headed to meet my best friend and her boyfriend for dinner! After dinner we went put put golfing and had the BEST time! We had to wait until our “tee time” and got to enjoy the arcade that was attached to the put put place. OMG Trev played Deal or No Deal and ended up winning 200 tickets! He got a super cool yo-yo. Rich won tickets on a different game and he got a measuring tape.

Boys and their toys. 
Can you see me?! I’m in this picture, I promise! 
Also, I was NOT wearing a white bra with a black cami! I had a nude bralette on and it glowed almost as white as my converse did! Hahahaha
Love my beautiful bestie! 

Today we slept in, and had a nice relaxing morning.


How cute is my new coffee mug?! We cleaned the house, and then Trev headed to watch the girl’s soccer game. I stayed back to clean, start packing for the Poconos and prepping for this week!

Just a reminder… my week has the potential to be extra crazy. I find out tomorrow if I have to head Up North for Jury Duty or f I get to keep a little bit of normalcy to my week. Blog posts this week will be pretty dang spotty. But fingers crossed you’ll hear from me before Wednesday!

Have a great rest of your weekend my friends! DWTS Juniors is on tonight! Now if you’ll excuse me, my soup is just about ready and my stomach is growling! Time to eat 🙂


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