Joah Beauty (Is It Really Worth the Hype?!)

Hey Hey! Happy Thursday my loves! Who else is beyond happy that this week is almost over? It’s been a long week here, and I’m so ready for the weekend! One.More.Day.

You want to know what makes me ALMOST has happy as being one day away from the weekend?! Makeup. You all know that I LOVEEE makeup, even though 99% of the time, I’m rocking a super natural look. I love my high end products, but I’m always on the hunt for great drug store products that I can use in my daily routine too. So when all my favorite beauty gurus started talking about Joah Beauty, you KNOW I had to check it out for myself!

Joah Beauty is a new line of K-Beauty inspired products sold exclusively at CVS. I love the concept of K-Beauty, and I wish my skin looked half as perfect as literally any girl in any type of K-Beauty product ad. But let’s be real. I’m basically a living, walking, deep frier, and the light and dewy K-Beauty products don’t usually hold up on my oily skin.

And most of the time, these K-Beauty products are $$$$$$. And there is no way in heck I’m spending a small fortune on something that is going to melt off my face in two hours. But a K-Beauty brand at CVS? Now that I could get behind.

I started my search for flawless skin making Trev drive me to FIVE different CVS stores near me before finding one with the Joah display. (If you’re in Metro Detroit, go to the CVS in Plymouth. Save yourself some time. Or, be smarter than me and check to see which CVS store near you sells it here.) And guys… the display was SO pretty! The packaging on these products is GORGEOUS. It’s girly, and playful, and happy and I wanted to buy everything.

Unfortunately Thankfully, my husband was there to real me in (the number one reason I never take him to Sephora with me) and I picked up four key products; a primer, a foundation, a concealer and a liquid lip.

Anyone that knows me personally I’m sure is shocked that I didn’t buy a bronzer or a highlight, because those are my favorite products. However, I only saw them in palettes, and from what I had seen online, they weren’t worth the money. (IMO, you can’t find a better drug store highlight than the Maybelline Master Chromes or Wet n Wild Megaglows! If you’ve tried the highlights and love them, please let me know!)

I had v. low expectations for this line and guys. I was so pleasantly surprised! I found 2 things that I loved and have become staples in my daily makeup bag. 1 thing I really didn’t like, and 1 thing I’m still on the fence on.

Curious to see what I thought of Joah Beauty? Keep Reading!

Truly Yours Liquid Foundation

Let’s start with my favorite thing I bought from the Joah line! I’m normally a full coverage foundation kind of girl. I like a foundation that keeps me matte and doesn’t move for the entire day. But this… this foundation is STUNNING. (I tried so hard to take photos in natural light for you, but my work schedule had me going in before the sun was up and coming home after it went down. So here is a random selfie from our date night in Canada!)


I mean… how natural does my skin look?! Here’s a terrible, half way through the work day selfie that I snapped coming inside on a really gray day.


Guys… kids had been touching my face for 5 hours at this point! It still looks so good!

This foundation is GOOD. I find that after about 8 hours of wear, I start to see it breaking up. But TBH, I don’t mind that for day to day use. (If I need my makeup to last an entire day, I’m probably doing something special, so I will ALWAYS pull out my Estee Lauder Double Wear.) The only downside of this foundation is that the shade range is lacking. I’m not sure if it’s because they are sticking true to their K-Beauty roots, or because they just launched. However, I found that Natural Beige is perfect for me. (Heads up, this is the second to darkest shade in the line. See what I mean?) Grab your’s here for $8.99! (Oh, I apply mine with my Real Techniques Face and Body Sponge! It looks nice with a brush too though.)

Truly Yours Dark Circle Concealer 

This is the other thing I purchased that I love! I’m still not sure if it beats my Maybelline Fit Me for favorite Drug Store Concealer, but either way it’s great! It covers up my dark circles and brightens up under my eyes. Side note… be extra careful in the store when purchasing! They all look the same on the outside, and I accidentally bought the shade Porcelain. It is WAY too light for me! So I’ve been mixing with my Maybelline to get it the right shade. I also really like the sponge top (it reminds me of the cult favorite Maybelline Age Rewind). I think it makes it super easy to apply. This concealer is super creamy and blends out so nicely! Grab your’s here for $7.99!

Wat-a-matte Liquid Lipstick

I’m super sad because I reallllly wanted to like this product. I love a good liquid lip, and this color looked so stunning in the package. But when I opened it, it was so much pinker than I thought. I figured I could get past this as long as it was a good liquid lip. But honestly, it made my lips get chapped and flakey almost instantly. So for me, it was a no as soon as I noticed that happening.


The Wat-a-matte is the third one down (starting from my wrist). It swatches really pretty and matte! But the formula just isn’t as good as some of my other favorites in this shade. Some great options, IMO, starting from the top are… Rimmel Provacalips in Dare to Pink (lasts ALL day). NYX Butter Gloss in Eclair (a really pigmented gloss that makes my lips feel good), next is the Wat-a-matte in Cup Cake, under that is NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Tokyo (which I don’t care for the formula of personally, but the color is almost exact and it’s half the price), and the NYX Lipstick in Strawberry Milk. The last two are not even close in color, however they are my favorite matte lips. The Tarteist Lip Paint in Birthday Suite, and NYX Liquid Suede in Soft Spoken. They have a bunch of other lip products though, that I want to try! I’ll be sure to keep you updated on what I try! Check out all their lip products, here!

Selfie Ready Mattifying Primer

And last is the product I’m still not sure about! This Selfie Ready Mattifying Primer claims to make you matte and give you an airbrushed look. I agree with this completely. My makeup looks great when I wear this primer, and it helps to keep me from getting shiny. The thing that’s holding me back from being in love with it is that it is SO STICKY. Like my face feels sticky the second I put it on and as it dries. So for me, I would rather spend the extra $4 on my tried and true Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot primer which feels much silkier on my skin. The Selfie Ready Mattifying Primer isn’t a bad primer at all. It does everything it claims, and it makes my makeup look really beautiful. I’m just weird when it comes to textures, and the stickiness makes it hard for me to really love. That being said, I’m going to use up the bottle and see how I feel once I’ve made it all the way through. Maybe the stickiness just something I need to get used to? I’ll be sure to let you know my thoughts and if I’m repurchasing once I make it through! Grab your’s here for $8.99.

Final Thoughts on Joah

All in all, I think Joah has some pretty steller drug store finds! If you can scoop up any of their products at CVS, you should! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised like me! I’ve got a list for my next trip of things I want to pick up. I’m still wanting to try a different lip product, a brow pencil and their translucent setting powder. I also want to try their BB Cream for next summer, because I like to wear something really light on my skin during the summer months!

Have you tried Joah?! What do you think?

What other drug store makeup are you loving right now?! I’m hoping to stop by Ulta tomorrow to pick up the new Makeup Revolution foundation that everyone is freaking out over. They are claiming it’s super long wearing and full coverage… so you know I gotta check it out! Anything else I should pick up while I’m there?!

Alright my loves, I’m off to get my lesson plans for next week done and snuggle up in bed! The weekend is finally upon us! YAY!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I’ll be back on Sunday for a Weekend Round Up!


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