DIY Fall Wreath: How I Made a Neutral Fall Wreath for Under $15!

Hey Guys! Happy Monday! Today, I’m coming at you with another Fall DIY that I think you’re going to love!

Remember last Fall when I shared this DIY Dollar Tree Wreath? I have a confession… a lot of you loved it. But me? I hated how it turned out. It just felt “off” and not really what I was hoping for. It looked nice, but honestly, I’m more of a “neutral” Fall fan with pops of orange and burgundy.

So this Fall, I set out to make a wreath that I actually loved, without breaking the bank. My plan was to make another Dollar Tree wreath for you. As soon as they started putting out their Fall decor, I went sprinting over to my store so I could get first pick of their Fall florals. And guys, I was SO disappointed. I didn’t find much at my Dollar Trees that I personally was looking for. They had pretty things, but nothing that screamed “use me for your beautiful neutral Fall wreath featuring a lot of greenery.”

I left with my bags full of other things for DIY projects (have you seen this $5 DIY that looks like it came off the shelf at Hobby Lobby, or this super easy centerpiece?!) but empty handed on the Fall Florals. So I did what any #BasicWitch would do and headed to Michael’s. Last year, I made this Christmas wreath with all my supplies from Michael’s and it only cost me $20. So I was determined to find some deals for my Fall wreath too.

And guess what? I got nothin’. I was SO DISCOURAGED. I had been so busy that this was the only time I was going to have a chance to sit down to work on my wreath and I had nothing I needed. To get all the greenery I envisioned, plus pumpkins, ribbon and filler, there was just no way I could get this done for less than $40.

So I decided to sad shop, you know, when you can’t find what you want but want to buy something so you walk around the store a million times until you find something to buy? That’s when I saw a garland that reminded me of one I had at home. And it sparked an idea.

What if I used florals from my floral box at home to make the perfect wreath? With a new pep in my step, I headed home to see what I had. And guys… I had almost everything I needed! I ended up spending only $15 to create this stunning wreath! Curious to see how you can create this same wreath for right around that price too? Then just keep reading!

Shopping List 

  • 1 Wire Wreath (I used one that I picked up at The Dollar Tree, but sometimes, I can’t find them there. If that’s the case for you, I’ve used this one from Michaels, before but it does cost more. Just remember, you can always find a coupon on full price items at Michaels which will turn this into just pennies more than the Dollar Tree one!) Cost: $1
  • Greenery of any kind! I ended up two garlands that I picked up last year on major clearance at Michaels. Remember how they did that really pretty pink stuff last year? I felt like I needed it and bought two of the garlands when they went on major sale at the end of the season. I hung them up last year, but didn’t really like them and thought they didn’t really match my Fall decor. I just snipped the pink flowers off and had a ton of perfect greenery! If you don’t have old greenery you can use, head to Micahels or Hobby Lobby and check the clearance items. You’d be amazed what you can find for cheap and just modify to fit your needs! Cost for Me: Free
  • 1 Eucalyptus Sprig Did you know Walmart is selling Eucalyptus Sprigs now for $3?! They are SO beautiful and so cheap! You’ll find them in your Walmart’s floral section.
  • 1 Boxwood Bundle I got mine from Micahels! Remember you can ALWAYS find these on sale. As this post goes live, it’s only $1.97 rn!
  • 1-2 Cotton Stems So when Dollar Tree put out Cotton Stems, I bought 6 of them thinking I would love how they look in my decor. Turns out, I HATED how they looked! They just didn’t fit. So I saved them for a project, and this one just happened to be it! I used two of the cotton stems, however, the Dollar Tree stems are a little more sparse than the stems you’d find at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. So if you’re picking them up there, you’d only need! You can also buy Cotton Stems at Walmart now too 🙂
  • 2 Packs of Mini Pumpkins I got these mini pumpkin clips from The Dollar Tree! They actually sell them in cream, but I couldn’t find the cream ones anywhere. So I picked up the orange ones and decided to paint them. These clips come in packs of 3! (Side note… They almost seem too small for my liking, but they work perfectly for now! I think I’ll pick up a few pumpkin picks at the end of the season to switch them out for next year.)
  • 1 Spool of Ribbon There are some great options at Dollar Tree this year, but I fell in love with this ribbon from Michaels. It’s on sale for $2.50 right now!
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue
  • Floral Wire (You can get this at The Dollar Tree too!)

First things first, get your greenery in order! For me, that meant disassembling my garland. I used wire cutters to remove the pretty flowers and pinecones (don’t worry, I saved them because I’m sure I’ll use them in another DIY sometime!) and also cut the garland into small sections. (Probably about 12 inches each.)


Then, I started layering these sections onto my wreath. Once I had it looking like I wanted it, I began securing with my trusty floral wire.


Once I finished, it looked a little something like this.


Pretty, but still sparse! I then grabbed my eucalyptus sprig from Walmart, my Boxwood Branch from Michaels and my two cotton stems from Dollar Tree, and used my wire cutters to cut them up into small pieces.



I set the cotton I had snipped to the side (I didn’t need it until later, but didn’t want to have to dig the wire cutters back out) and started placing the eucalyptus and boxwood in the spots that still looked a little bare. Remember: It doesn’t need to be perfect. You’re going to be adding a lot more to this wreath soon! You just don’t want giant holes in your greenery.

Next, I set my wreath aside and grabbed my pumpkin clips and paint! (Ignore the berries in the photo. I had planned to use them, and I painted them orange! I just didn’t like how they looked with the white pumpkins in the end. If you think you might like to add some berries to your wreath though, grab these at Dollar Tree! They painted up super easy!)


After many coats of white paint, I finally had my pumpkins looking just right. Once they were completely dry, I started clipping them to my wreath. I LOVED that these were on clips, because I could move them around so dang easily! Then, I started placing my my cotton around the pumpkins too.


I fiddled with the cotton and the pumpkins for at least an hour. I couldn’t decide how I wanted them laid out. I ended up using only 5 pumpkins in the end not all six, and more cotton together than spread out.

After I had everything just how I wanted it, I glued it in place and grabbed my ribbon to make a giant bow!


Does anyone else think making bows is SO DANG HARD?! I just YouTubed “wreath bow diy” to learn how to make one. Once I had my bow looking just right, I secured it with floral wire tightly to my wreath.

And guys… that’s it! With a little imagination, I was able to repurpose some old florals and sprinkle in some new Fall things to make this simply stunning Neutral Fall Wreath for less than $15!!


Now, I know some of you are thinking “but what if I don’t have spare garland laying around to use?” Don’t worry. you can totally still make this wreath on a budget. Head to Micahels/Hobby Lobby/Joann and look for super discounted garlands with a lot of greenery on them. It doesn’t matter what they look like, because you’ll snip any flowers or other embellishments off them! Also, check their bushes because they always have gorgeous greens and you can ALWAYS use a coupon!

Can’t find what you’re looking for still? Head over to Dollar Tree and stock up on as many florals as you can with greenery on them. Think different shaped leaves that are different shades of green. It’s OKAY if you don’t love what they look like, you can use them as filler and “hide” them with the prettier greens you pick up at a craft store or Walmart. Another great place to check? The Target Dollar Spot! See this eucalyptus on our coffee table?


Found it at the Target Dollar Spot this Fall! Trust me… if there is a will, there is a way to make a wreath on the cheap!

So my friends, what do you think?! Will you be attempting a DIY Fall Wreath this year?! If you do, let me know how it turns out! I’d love to see your finished product 🙂

Have a great Monday everyone! It’s been a rough day over here, and I’m ready to get home, make some pizza and snuggled up on the couch with Trev for DWTS!

No post tomorrow. I’ll be back on Wednesday!










































































































































































































































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