The 5 Minute (Inexpensive) Fall DIY You Never Knew You Needed… Until Now

Happy Tuesday my loves! I know… today is usually a #TravelTuesday post. So if you’re here for new travel related content, I’m sorry! You can check out all of my most recent adventures under my “Travel” tab. Orrrrr you could try something different and stick around for a really, really, really easy DIY that you never knew you needed… until now!

Want to know what I love best about this DIY? I had basically everything I needed for it (most was bought from the Dollar Store or Target Dollar Spot at one point or another) and I was able to throw it together in under 5 minutes!

Seriously. A FIVE MINUTE DIY! You have no excuse not to try this one!

This DIY came about when I just wasn’t happy with my Fall centerpiece for our kitchen table. I started searching for ideas on Pinterest and nothing really stood out to me. And the things that I saw that I liked, I didn’t have anything I needed to make them… and I was 85% sure Trevor would make me sleep on the couch if I came home with ANOTHER bag of Fall decor to add to my already heaping pile. So I started looking through the things I had bought in August and earlier in September (it’s amazing how easy it is to forget what you purchased before hand!) and found all these beautiful pumpkins from the Dollar Tree that I HAD to have but had no idea what I was going to use them for. I realized they’d make the perfect centerpiece and the rest was history!


Want to make your own pretty centerpiece in less than 5 minutes?! Just keep reading!

Shopping List 


  • Pumpkins Literally any kind! I used a mix of the ceramic pumpkins from Dollar Tree and the Target Dollar Spot. I also tried it with the “bean bag” like ones from Target Dollar Spot and they looked great too! I just didn’t have enough of them to fill up my basket and didn’t want to go buy more!
  • A Basket or container to put your pumpkins in. Mine is from Michaels. You can find it here. (PS… it’s on Super Sale rn!!)
  • Floral Foam Brick I had a bunch of this for some reason in my box of gift wrapping stuff. (I’m super organized.) I ended up using 2 of my bricks for the basket I used. If you don’t have any of this on hand, you can pick it up at Dollar Tree!
  • Fall Floral (Optional!) I had picked up some cattails from The Dollar Tree and thought I would use them for this project. I didn’t like how they looked in the end. I actually just ended up using a few boxwood and eucalyptus sprigs that I had leftover from the DIY you will see next week to fill in the gaps.

Soooo I feel kind of silly even writing down what I did because it’s so dang simple! I stared by cutting my floral bricks in half, and then placing them in my basket.


Then, I arranged all my pumpkins how I liked them, and added in a sprig of greenery here and there. And THAT’S IT.


Like, does this even count as a DIY? It’s so freakin’ simple and looks great on my table!


PS… my tablecloth is from Meijer. If you aren’t from the Midwest you might not know what Meijer is. But it’s basically like Walmart, only better.

Oh! And before I go… I’ve got a Dupe Alert for you! Do y’all remember this sweater I practically lived in last Fall?!

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

My pullover is actually a dupe for the True Grit Sherpa Pullover and was half the price. (You can find that original post here. And as of this posting, all original links still work if you want to buy my exact pullover, the Nordstrom dupe, or the real deal True Grit.) But the other day when I was wandering through Walmart I found one that is even cheaper than my “dupe” sweater! I mean… look how similar!


And it’s only $19! So if you’re looking for a sweater like mine, get your butt to Walmart! I have a feeling they won’t last long 🙂

Alright my loves. I’m off to finish my work day. Fingers crossed it goes by fast! I’ll be back tomorrow for another #WhatUpWednesday post! I’ll see you then!




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