Weekend Round Up

Happy, happy Sunday my loves! We’ve had a some seriously Fall feeling weather this weekend and it’s dark and gloomy and rainy outside, and so dang cozy in our apartment! Not only are we fully decorated for Fall, but the Fall candles are lit and it smells AMAZING in here! I’ve been burning this one and this one every day lately and I can’t get enough!

We’ve had a really busy weekend, and I’m exhausted. It feels so nice to be snuggled in this evening writing to you and rewatching To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before for the billionith time while I wait for Trev to come home!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s back it up to Friday, when our weekend began!

Actually, JK. Let’s not even talk about Friday. I got out of work super late on Friday, and Trev worked the Tigs game. So it was just me, Jacksy Cat, Culver’s and Peter Kavinsky. (Well, whatever his name was in Sierra Burgess is a Liar.)

Saturday, we slept in and headed out for “Date Morning” since we didn’t get Date Night on Friday night. We headed to Anna’s House for breakfast and guys… it was SO good! I’ll be sharing more on this yummy breakfast spot later this week 🙂


After breakfast we grocery shopped and did some laundry before heading to work at the Tigs!

It was SO FREAKIN COLD out! Seriously. The angels that I work with let me use a blanket because I was shaking so bad and could barely fill out any certificates.

The game took for freakin’ ever and I was practically a popsicle when we left! By the time we got home it was way past our bedtime and we snuggled in for a much needed nap.

We woke up really early this morning to head to Trev’s parents house to help them with their move. It’s crazy confusing because for everything we moved out of their house into their new house, we had to move his brother’s thing out of that house before we could put it into place and then move his brother’s thing out to what is now his new house but Trev’s parents old house. Woah. My head is spinning just reading that! Since Trev’s brother and sister in law are out of town this weekend, it was just us and his dad and grandpa moving stuff. Basically, we spent most of the day reenacting the couch scene from Friends.


We left Blissfield at 1 to get home so Trev could get changed and head to his girl’s soccer game! I had planned to go, but it was cold and rainy so I decided to stay home and get to work on finishing up some fun DIYs and collabs that are coming to you these next few weeks on the blog!

I also headed to two of my favorite stores, HomeGoods and Michaels in search of pillows. Remember these adorable pumpkin pillows I mentioned a few weeks back? Well, I put them on my couch and they looked AWFUL. They were too small to be on their own, and didn’t match the greyish blue pillows we usually keep on it. Plus, they looked weird sitting next to each other. I needed something to tie them together to make them work, because I REFUSED to give up on my beautiful Big Lots pillows!

I was thrilled to find the beige pillows at HomeGoods and the Home Sweet Home pillow at Michaels! They were exactly what I needed to tie my pillows together and cozy up our couch for Fall!


How were your weekends?! Did they go by too fast too? Here’s to hoping we all have a quick week and that Friday gets here before we know it!

To help you through this work week, be sure you’re subscribed to Savannah Said It! I’ve got a Fall Outfit, A Fall DIY and a collab all coming at you this week, and guys. They are all SO good! You’re going to want these in your inbox the second they are promised… I pinky promise!

Have a fantastic rest of your Sunday everyone! Who else is going to spend it snuggled up watching The Office reruns? 🙂 I’ll be back tomorrow!


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