10 Most Instagram Worthy Spots in Niagara on the Lake

Hey Everyone! Happy, happy, happy #TravelTuesday on a Wednesday! I figured since I shared a Weekend Round Up with you yesterday, there was no point in sharing a #WhatUpWednesday with you today. It’d basically be the same thing! So instead, my Niagara Falls series is coming to a close, but not before I share my most Instagram Worthy Spots! (PS… if you were here for my last Travel Tuesday post, you can skip down a paragraph or two!!)

Awhile back, I started a “Most Instagram Worthy Spots” series on the blog. I shared all the places that I thought made the best pictures in my favorite locations, because like it or not, your vacation (whether just around the corner or millions of miles away) probably didn’t actually happen if you don’t ‘Gram it. And that photo you’re posting? Well it better be eye catching.

Instagram has quickly become the inspiration we all turn to when planning our next trip. Because let’s be real, we all get some serious wanderlust just scrolling through our feeds. So I started a series to help you easily find the prettiest places in locales near and far from home.

The series was so popular, that I decided every travel series I do on Savannah Said It will now include a “Most Instagram Worthy Spots” post in it.

And today? We’re talking about what just might be the most photogenic small town in Canada. Niagara on the Lake is beautiful. From the downtown that looks straight off a movie set to the the stately wineries that dot across the Niagara Escarpment and everything in between, NOTL is an Instagrammer’s dream. (Even in the rain.)

So grab your camera and an extra SD Card (or two!). Here are my…

10 Most Instagram Worthy Spots in Niagara on the Lake 

The Prince of Wales Hotel. This hotel is ICONIC to NOTL. The building alone exudes elegance and history. If you’ve ever wanted to pretend like you’re Meghan Markle now is your chance. I mean, you can even have a picture with your eyes closed, in the rain, and crooked and the building behind you will still look incredible. (Not that I know from experience or anything.) And while all of Queen Street is pretty picture perfect, The Prince of Wales Hotel just may be the most stunning.


Peller Estates. There are so many wineries I could mention on this list, but IMO there are two that are prettier than the rest. Peller Estates makes this list because they let you do something most vineyards don’t… walk through their vines. So if you want a cute picture in the vines like I did, Peller is the place! Plus, the entire estate is GORGE so you’ll have plenty of photo opps!


Drinking Icewine. Another one of those great photo opps at Peller is their 10 Below Icewine Lounge! Grab a pic here and trust me… you’ll never look cooler. HAHA See what I did there? I got Dad Jokes for miles.

Definition of cool. Or cold. Really, really, really cold. 

Konzelmann Estates. Konzelmann is almost the complete opposite of Peller. It’s not quite as stately, you can’t run through the vines, and the Instagram opportunities aren’t as plentiful. But do you know what Konzelmann does have? Lake Ontario. It’s the only lake front winery in Ontario and the view simply can’t be beat.

I know you can’t tell in this photo, but that’s the lake behind us! You can see all the way to Toronto. It’s pretty spectacular! We just happened to be there on a rainy, wet, Saturday. 

Outside The Shaw Cafe. Yes, The Shaw Cafe is easily one of the best places to grab a bite in town. But the building itself just might overshadow the food because it’s THAT beautiful. Surrounded by the famously gorgeous landscaping you’ll find in all of NOTL, this is the place to stop and take a photo… or three. And don’t worry about looking silly trying to take a photo outside a restaurant, everyone else wants a photo here too!


Enjoying a Great Lake. The “Lake” in Niagara on the Lake just so happens to be Lake Ontario. And everyone knows, our Great Lakes are the best lakes in the world. So take in one while you’re in Canada… and then come to Michigan to see the rest.


The Gazebo. Wanna pretend you’re in Star’s Hollow?! Boy do I have the most perfect place for you. Get your Gilmore on and spend some time enjoying Queens Royal Park, where you’ll find the famed and heavily photographed Gazebo.

Not the most picture perfect photo of The Gazebo but we were dodging raindrops and photo bombers. BUT you get the idea! 

At a B&B. Quaint B&Bs are plentiful in NOTL and they are all stunning. Pick one to snap a photo of outside, or show off to your followers if you’re actually staying in one. The posibilities for cute cozy shots are endless. Especially when the B&Bs themselves are so picture perfect.

Does anyone else want to go back to being 9 and play Secret Garden with me?!

On Queens Street. Downtown NOTL is iconic for it’s charming store fronts, perfectly manicured landscaping and friendly locals. Take a walk down their main street and snap a few photos. You might have a hard time convincing people that you didn’t take a step back in time.

I just can’t with the cuteness of this place. 

Taking a Wine Tour/Drinking Wine. If you in NOTL, chances are, you’re there to drink wine. So grab a photo or two while you take one of many wine tours! Pro Tip. You’ll look classy AF. You’re welcome.

See? Classy AF even in my denim daisy attire. 

So my friends, what did I miss? Where are your favorite places to take a photo in Niagara on the Lake?! For more on NOTL and it’s slightly more touristy neighbor, click the links below!

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Alright, I’m sure you’re tired of my link party that I seem to have hosted for myself! I’ll be back tomorrow with a collab you won’t want to miss! Here’s a hint… it’s with Shari’s Berries!

Have a great rest of your Wednesday everyone. And try to move on from the fact Colton is our next Bachelor. (I wanted Jason and I’m still pouting.)



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