Weekend Round Up (Labor Day Weekend Edition!)

Happy Tuesday Everyone! I hope this post finds you relaxed and happy after a nice long weekend! I don’t know about all of you, but I NEEDED that extra day off! I have to say, our long weekend wasn’t nearly long enough, and the weather kinda ruined all our plans. However, it was still a great one!

Our weekend started out super late on Friday because I had to close at work. Thanks to us having to get such a late start we got stuck in some seriously awful traffic. (It took us TWO hours to get to Lansing, which normalyl would take us around 50 minutes.) We passed the time listening to podcasts, singing to our favorite songs and taking blurry selfies.


By the time we rolled into Manistee we were exhausted and headed straight to bed!

Saturday was supposed to be spent on the boat, but Mother Nature had other plans for us. It POURED all.freakin’.weekend. So, instead of getting up for some fishing and boating, we slept in and then headed up to Bear Lake for some lunch at Grille 44.


Then, we continued North to Thompsonville to check out Iron Fish Distillery! Guys… it was SO COOL! They were celebrating their second anniversary so they had all sorts of specials going on.


My first drink was The Betsie Bay and Trev’s was The Smoked Pineapple. They were so yummy! Our second drinks were even better than the first! I had a Cherry Rhubarb Slushie and Trev tried The Great Neighbors. Both were fantastic!


When we got home, it was thundering and lightening and pouring rain. So I took the time to lay down and take a nice, long nap. Guys… I haven’t been able to take a nap since last summer and it was SO GOOD. I slept super hard, and my Mom had to wake me up so we could go to dinner. I freshened up and we headed down to TJs Pub! After dinner we headed to the beach to watch the next round of storms roll in.


Saturday we woke up to another not so great day in Northern Michigan. However, we got lucky because the rain stopped just in time for our family Crab Boil! If you’ve been here awhile, you might remember us doing this two summers ago. I shared a post on how we do our crab boils! If you’re interested, click here!


We spent the afternoon on Grandma’s deck eating and drinking our favorite summer craft beers before they go into hiding for the winter!


Saturday evening we headed to my other Grandma’s to celebrate her 75th Birthday! (Happy Birthday Grandma!!)


We ate pizza and cake and played some seriously competitive rounds of Bingo. (Guys… I LOVE BECAUSE I NEEDED B1 ON ALL MY CARDS AND I’M STILL NOT OVER IT.)


We finished up Saturday night binging Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime. Y’all. SO.GOOD. I love me some John Krasinski… and CIA/FBI shows. If you like either of these things, you gotta watch. You’ll love it too!

Monday morning we woke up to more rain. So instead of heading out on the boat, we headed to breakfast at The House of Flavors.


After breakfast we snuck in a quick pier walk between rain drops and then packed up the car and said our goodbyes. I hate leaving my family, and I always get so sad as we drive away. Jacksy Cat and Trev were sad this time too. Our weekend went by way too fast!


Want to see more from our weekend?! Head over to my Instagram (@savannah_edmondson) and check out the video we made for IGTV! It’s def not perfect, but we want to practice before our fall getaway next month!

Alright my friends. It’s supposed to be 90+ today with the feels like over 100. Everyone is starting back to school but it feels like we all should be heading to the beach! Whatever… I’m embracing Fall already and I’m so excited to start bringing you Fall here on Savannah Said It! Starting next week, you’re in for some seriously fun Fall posts! This week, we’re finishing up our Niagara Falls series, and I’m collabing with Shari’s Berries again for a post you own’t want to miss!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a Travel Tuesday post on a Wednesday! I’ll see you then.


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