Throwback Thursday: Advice For Newlyweds + The PERFECT Guest Book Alternative for Weddings or Bridal Showers!

Hey guys! Today, is another Vintage Savannah Said It post! If you’ve been with me from the beginning, you know that on Wednesdays, I talked about planning your wedding! I’ve since retired Wedding Wednesdays, but when the opportunity to work with some really great companies come about, I like to pull it out of retirement! So today, we’re throwing it back, but this time with Advice for Newleyweds + The PERFECT Guest Book Alternative for Weddings or Bridal Showers!

Do you know what I hate? Going to a bridal shower and getting put ON THE SPOT to write some advice down for the bride to be. Before I was married, I always felt so silly trying to give advice to someone on being married when I had no idea. (I literally feel this way now at every single baby shower I attend too. Like, only pet your cat baby 3 times or they’ll bite doesn’t get the solid reaction you’d think.)

And now even though I am married now, I STILL never know what to write. Like “don’t go to sleep mad”? Ground Breaking. “Take everything off your husband’s nightstand at night so the cat doesn’t knock it off and wake him up.” A little too specific.

So what is that “perfect” answer? Don’t worry. Personal Creations has got you covered. From date night tips to words of wisdom, these tips are what the newlyweds in your life will actually want to read.

Tips like…




And my favorite…


You can find SIXTY ONE tips to choose from the next time you’re asked to give advice here. SIXTY ONE guys. I’m telling you, bookmark this post NOW because it’s going to be a game changer for you! Ready for the magic link?! Click here!

And for those lovely ladies out there planning a bridal shower (ME!) or a wedding, take a minute to check out their Newlywed Tip Jar! We’ve done this at other bridal showers and it’s always a hit. But this tip jar put ours to SHAME. Why? Because it’s already done for you, and it’s SO FREAKIN’ CUTE.

Simply click here to download the tips that you like best, and leave them out for guests to fill in the blanks! It will make your life, and the guests, a whole lot easier!

Trev and I had SO much fun reading through these tips! In fact, we found ourselves pretty dang inspired after reading one in particular… we decided to recreate our first date!

Our first official date was New Years Eve and it looked a little somethin’ like this…


But we had hung out a bunch of times before then. In fact, pretty regularly for about a month, we would have study/dinner dates! They always started out a little something like this…


When homework was done, Trev would make me dinner. It was ALWAYS chicken parm, grilled cheese or mini pizzas.



And while dinner cooked, we’d play a little Mario Kart!


And we always ended up snuggled up watching tv or a movie.


And then he’d always walk me home.


The phone quality was amazing back then. HAHA When we set out to recreate our first date we realized that we literally recreate it in one way or another of our married lives. Except movies have become Netflix, studying has become reading for fun, and instead of walking me home… he walks me from the couch to the bed because sometimes, I fall and I can’t get up. #OldLadyLife

Other tips we loved? “Never stop being friends”, “the couple that laughs together stays together” and “touch, kiss and hug as often as you can”!

What tips will you use next time you have to offer advice?! And how many of you are going to use this adorable tip jar?!

And while you’re visiting, don’t forget to check out all the awesome goodies Personal Creations has to offer! Whether you’re searching for the perfect wedding gift (I love this and wish we had one!) or something special for yourself (I’ll take 5 of these!) I guarantee you’re going to find something you’ll love!

Alright my loves. I’m off to finish up this week and head into this nice long weekend! I’ll be packing up my essentials tonight and heading North tomorrow as soon as we get out of work! Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I’ll be back on TUESDAY with a Weekend Round Up for all of you!

Enjoy the last weekend of Summer! I’ll see you in the Fall 😉


*Thanks to my friends at Personal Creations for making this post possible! 

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