Weekend Round Up

Happy Saturday my friends! Can you believe we officially only have ONE weekend left of Summer 2018?!!! I hope you were able to make the most of your weekend, unlike me, who spent it in bed with a fever.

So, fair warning, this post is going to be pretty dang boring.

I got out of work just in time on Friday to get changed and hop in the car with Trev. We headed to Ypsi to watch his Soccer girls play against Eastern. Since I was rockin’ quite the fever, I froze my butt off. But I was happy I got the chance to cheer on Trev’s team with him!


Our plan was to head to one of our favorite restaurants from when Trev used to live in Ypsi. But there was a festival happening downtown, and parking was crazy and we were starving. And since I was barely functioning, we made the choice to drive home, grab Hungry Howies and curl up in bed.

We started the new Jumanji movie. I got like 20 minutes into it and then I PTFO. Is it worth starting over? Not sure I was too into it

Saturday I was feeling a little bit better, but still rockin’ a pretty good fever. So we quickly grocery shopped and then I settled in for the day. Trev went to work at the Tigers, and I stayed home and watched Netflix. (Officially OBSESSED with To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before guys!!)  I also started some Fall DIYs that I can’t wait to share with you, and read… a lot!

Sneak Peak at one of my projects! What do you think I’m making?! 

Today, we were up early to head to work at Comerica. It was CRAZYYYY busy today because they were retiring Alan Trammell’s jersey. Poor Trev probably walked 15 miles with all the wheel chairs he pushed, and I can barely feel my hand from all the certificates I filled out!

We just got home, ate some dinner and are snuggling in the night. Another busy week starts tomorrow, but it’s okay because next weekend = LONG WEEKENDDDDD! Yay!! We definitely need an extra day off. We’re both still kinda sick, and dragging ourselves into Monday.

Alright my loves. I’ll be back tomorrow with my LDW Essentials post! I’ll see you then.


PS… Thanks for all the love on my 5 Tips For New Bloggers Post! I’m SO happy it was so helpful! I’ll definitely share more tips with you all in the future! (Just as soon as I learn them myself!!)

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