Top 5 Tips For New Bloggers

Happy Thursday my loves! Lately, my DMs have been saturated lately with posts from friends, family and strangers all asking me the same the exact same question… “I want to start a blog. Do you have any tips?!”

I always feel so strange when they ask me this! Why? I’m not a professional blogger AT ALL. In fact, my little blog family is TINY compared to some of the most popular bloggers out there. But it’s also so flattering, because that means they read my blog and they like what they see! So of course I try to help! I always try to give the same 5 Tips because these tips are game changers when it comes to starting your blog!

These tips are specifically geared toward starting your blog on the right foot! If you would like more tips on blogging, let me know! I’d be more than happy to share what I’ve learned in my two years here on Savannah Said It!

5 Tips For New Bloggers

Create Original Content. If I could only give you one piece of advice, this would be it. Being original and having your own unique voice is SO important when you blog. Remember… this blog is a reflection of YOU not of another blogger you read. Your readers want to read your words, not someone else’s. I think the best compliment I’ve ever gotten about my blog was from my cousin. He said to me “Savannah, I love reading your blog! When I sit down, I can hear your voice telling me your story.” To know that I’m able to convey exactly who I am as a person in words to my readers makes me so happy! Because that is my number one goal… to use my unique voice to bring original ideas to each of you. Is this to say you can’t be inspired by someone else? Absolutely not. You are inspired by others every single day, and you become a little bit better for it. But you should never copy what another blogger puts out there, because you have to remember, they’ve busted their butt to come up with that content, and to share their ideas with you. For example, my #WhatUpWednesday posts are inspired by a series that the Mix and Match Mama (one of my all time favorite bloggers!) does! She and her friends link up once a month to share a What’s Up Wednesday post where they answer the same questions. My series was inspired by hers, but not copied. I changed the name, changed the questions, and I post every Wednesday. I also gave her credit in the very first #WhatUpWednesday I ever posted. You’d never see me copy her posts exactly, or write the same phrases she does, because that’s not being original, and most of all not being me. (Okay. That was kind of rant-esq but I’m definitely the most passionate about this one!)

Use a Platform. When you begin blogging, don’t try to design your entire website yourself and just float through cyber space hoping someone finds you. Use a platform to help you get on your feet! I chose WordPress because it’s user friendly, allows me to be creative with my site, and comes with a blogging community that helps me to find and interact with other bloggers. There are others out there, but I really believe that WordPress is the best 🙂

Pictures are Important. My friends and family always give me SUCH a hard time because I constantly strive to take “perfect” photos. It’s become a joke with them that every time they see me getting my picture taken, they yell “#DoItForTheBlog!!!” But, good pictures will take your blog to the next level! (I’ve shared a post about how to capture perfect travel photos, but really, they can apply to any photo, any time. Check it out here. It’s super helpful, I promise!)

Be Consistent. Consistency (omg I just had the hardest time spelling this words guys haha) is key when it comes to blogging. Find a schedule that works for you and STICK TO IT. One of the easiest ways for me personally to stay consistent was giving myself a “theme” for each day. You’ll notice that I still do this, although my themes have changed since the very first Savannah Said It posts! I like knowing that I have a specific theme to write about most days, because it takes away 95% of the writers block I sometimes get. I can spend HOURS thinking “what should I write about today?” And if you don’t have ideas, this can be debilitating and cause you to not put a post up. Knowing that “hey it’s Tuesday and on Tuesday I post travel blogs” really helps to narrow down what I’m going to write about, making it easier to get a post up in the end.

Don’t Expect Overnight Success. Guys. Do you know how long it takes to gain followers? A LONG time. It takes time, hard work, tears and a lot of time sitting in front of the computer to get your blog started. Let alone successful. I’ve been at this for TWO years and I’m still no where near what I would call “successful”. But that’s okay with me, because I write because I love it, and I think it’s fun. Don’t expect to write one post and have a million followers the next day, because I promise you, you’ll be disappointed.

My fellow blogger friends, what other tips do you have for new bloggers starting out?! Leave your tips in the comments below! (These are totally just for new bloggers, not for me looking to make my blog better AT ALL. 😉 JK. I love learning and want your tips too!)

Alright my loves. I’m off to get this day started! It’s almost Friday YAYYY!!! Too bad we work all weekend. I hope you have a few fun things planned, it’s one of the last weekend’s of Summer! Need ideas? Check out my Late Summer Bucket List here!

Also, it freakin’ feels like FALL outside this morning! It’s so chilly I’m actually going to wear a jacket and I’m SO excited! Also… PSA, I hear the Target Dollar Spot has started putting out their Fall decor. EEEK!

Okay, friends. I’ll be back on Sunday with a Weekend Round Up! I’ll talk to you then!


30 thoughts on “Top 5 Tips For New Bloggers

  1. These are great tips, Savannah: thank you. I’m still in the early stages with my blog and am learning something every single day. I completely agree with what you say about finding your own, unique voice: that, to me, seems like the most important thing you can do as a blogger. I also take on board your advice about committing to posting regularly…I’m currently several weeks behind with my posts and that is definitely something I need to work on!

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    1. I’m so glad these tips are helping you out too! I feel you on getting behind. It’s so hard when real life gets in the way! Check out Priya’s comment down below about Bulk Blogging! This is a great tip, and I’ve found that this really helps me out too 🙂

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  2. All such good tips! One tip that I never realised was a tip until someone else mentioned it, is bulk blogging days – literally save my life! Especially when my week is rather busy, it’s great knowing I have a day scheduled dedicated to writing up some posts and scheduling them in advance! x

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    1. This is SUCH a great tip Priya! I love to try to sit down and knock out a few posts while I’m riding in the car or have a free afternoon. You’re so right… it really is a life saver! I need to be more committed like you and schedule a day dedicated to writing! Hopefully when life slows down a bit this fall I can 🙂

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  3. Hey! I love your blog 🙂 I’ve been around the blogosphere a few times, and I have to say your content is true to its word. Almost two years ago, I had personal issues which put an instant blog on my writing life. I remembered how hard it is to start fresh… no followers, friends, likes, SEO, all that. It takes serious time and effort to built that all up.
    Anywho, my blog hasn’t much to offer right now, but I will be posting writing/blogging advice, fictional pieces, lifestyle/inspiration articles, and posting my art journey when it suits. (I’m not much of an artist, but I do occasionally get the urge to sketch…)
    Right now, I’d like to share the eulogy I’ve written for my grandfather to as many people as will read it. I have it featured in my nav bar, despite it being personal and void of SEO. It stands as an example of the exception, where something close to home overrules the standardised rules of google. I want the eulogy to be one of the first things people see when they arrive on my blog, and that’s how it’s staying 😉 Here’s the link if you’re interested…

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