Hey Loves!  I’m back with another round of #WhatUpWednesday to share with you all the things I’m currently loving in my life! (This is an extra big #WhatUpWednesday since I missed last week’s post!)

What I’m Excited About

Sunday’s Blog Views! You guys… I had an INSANE amount of you reading my blog on Sunday! Like so insane that my WordPress app kept bleeping at me telling me my stats were “booming”. And they weren’t kidding! After taking a few days off from the blogging world it made me so happy to see that y’all were still enjoying my posts, even when I wasn’t writing!

What I’m Looking Forward To

Small Town Murder Live on Tour! During my miniature Blogging Break, tickets went on sale for live shows of our favorite podcast, Small Town Murder! We were THRILLED to see they were coming back to Detroit, especially since last time I had the flu when we went to the show. My Dad is the best and scored us practically front row seats and Meet and Greet passes! I can’t wait to meet James and Jimmy! (Ps… they can’t wait to meet me too!)


What I’m Obsessing Over

Fall Stuff… Still. You guys. My pile of new Fall things is getting embarrassingly huge. To the point where my husband had to move it off the table and into the side room that we literally just use as storage. I can’t go into a store without stopping by the Fall sections and picking up something, especially when that store is the Dollar Tree. They are killing it with their Fall stuff this year, and there are so many items that are going to make perfect DIYs! I’m ITCHING for Target Dollar Spot to put their Fall stuff out too!

What I’m Listening To

I know this song isn’t new AT ALL because I’ve been loving it all Summer. But it’s been on the radio a ton lately, and has me clicking on it on Spotify pretty much every day! But, Meant To Be, Bebe Rexha & Florida Georgia Line is my JAMMMM this week!

What I’m Reading

Guys. I FINALLY finished the book I’ve been reading all summer. I’m so disappointed in myself because I love to read and this is the first summer that I haven’t read at least two books a month. I’ve been so busy and working so hard that I come home every night and crash. So, I’m super excited to be starting the newest edition to my Elin Hilderbrand collection… The Perfect Couple!

What I’m Working On

TWO collabs you will love, 3 (ish) Fall DIYs, Fall Getaway Planning, Fall Outfit Posts and staying positive about life in general.

What I’m Working Out To

It’s no surprise that I love Blogilates! But have you tried her celebrity workouts series?! I’ve been loving it! I like the Gigi Hadid one because A) I love Gigi, and B) I don’t need anything but myself to do it. I’m DYING to try the Meghan Markle one so I can look like a Princess, but need to wait until I have access to a few pieces of equipment. Luckily, my hubby works in a weightroom 🙂 Find the series here!

What I’m Eating

I’m doing my best to eat all my favorite Summery foods because the SECOND I get back from our Labor Day Weekend Up North, I’m breaking out the crockpot soups, chilis and cold weather favorites. I can’t wait for Fall foods!!!

What I’m Watching

I’m still watching the train wreck that BIP is this season. I just can’t look away.

What I’m Wearing

I’ve done SUCH a good job keeping my new Fall things in the closet since it’s still summertime. However, I got a new pair of converse that I just couldn’t wait on! You saw them in this picture:


I love them because they feel like normal Converse but they have a slight platform so it makes me a little bit taller, and makes my legs look a little bit longer and skinner. It’s a win/win all the way around! Buy them here. (PS… they were sold out in my size everywhere else, but if that link doesn’t have you size, check around! They are selling out pretty quickly, so if you want them, grab them now!)

What Else Is Up

I’m getting ready to finish up the summer with my babes at school (I can’t believe my whole class is leaving me for Kindergarten this week and next! Cue the waterworks!) and start off the school year with a whole brand new group of kids. Trev and I are also getting ready to say Goodbye to Summer 2018. This was not our best summer by a long shot. We spent it stressed out, bummed out, and feel like we worked it away. SO we’re doing our best to make the most of these last few weeks of August!

Alright my friends. I’m off to work! Have a fantastic Wednesday. No matter how bad it might seem, just remember, you’re half way through the week, and I promise, your day is never as bad as Kevin’s was when he spilled his chili.


I’ll be back tomorrow!


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