5 Most Instagram Worthy Spots in Niagara Falls

Hey Everyone! Happy, happy, happy #TravelTuesday! My Niagara Falls series is coming to a close, but not before I share my most Instagram Worthy Spots!

Awhile back, I started a “Most Instagram Worthy Spots” series on the blog. I shared all the places that I thought made the best pictures in my favorite locations, because like it or not, your vacation (whether just around the corner or millions of miles away) probably didn’t actually happen if you don’t ‘Gram it. And that photo you’re posting? Well it better be eye catching.

Instagram has quickly become the inspiration we all turn to when planning our next trip. Because let’s be real, we all get some serious wanderlust just scrolling through our feeds. So I started a series to help you easily find the prettiest places in locales near and far from home.

The series was so popular, that I decided every travel series I do on Savannah Said It will now include a “Most Instagram Worthy Spots” post in it. So today, you’re getting Niagara Falls! (A shorter version, because let’s be real… Niagara Falls isn’t that big of a place, and NOTL deserves it’s own post, which you will see next week!)

The falls are beautiful, but tbh, they can be tough to photograph! Moving water, mist and people (so many people) all make taking a perfect photo extra difficult. But if you ask me, there are 5 places that are completely worth the struggle!

So, without further ado, here are my…

5 Most Instagram Worthy Spots in Niagara Falls, Ontario 

#InTheMist This may be the most classic photo you can take in Niagara Falls! What’s better than a picture of a waterfall? A picture of you IN that waterfall. Unfortunately, the only way to get this close to Fhe Falls is by paying for a boat ride. But the Hornblower Niagara Cruises are legit worth every loonie! (Or penny if you’re taking the Maid of the Mist!)  So grab a GoPro (or a waterproof case for you phone) and snap away when you get under the roaring water. You won’t regret it!



Journey Behind the Falls Viewing Platform Another view you have to pay for, but if you’re paying for a boat tour, you might as well buy the adventure pass and enjoy all the touristy adventures Niagara Parks has to offer! This view of The Falls is INSANE because you can see just how much water is pouring over them every.single.second. I’ve seen some seriously amazing photos from this platform (on Instagram, or course) and couldn’t wait to get my own! However, it was so packed with people when we got there, that my pictures were sub-par at best. So go in the off season, and make your way through the tunnels to this platform. You’ll get an amazing photo that people (like me!) will drool over on the ‘Gram.


Along the Niagara Parkway So, the main street that drives you past The Falls is called The Niagara Parkway. You can stop ANYWHERE along this street and have an amazing view of The Falls! The walk way is the perfect place to stop and take every picture of you gazing at The Falls you could ever want. Just remember… the closer you get to the Table Rock Welcome Centre and their viewing platform, the wetter you will get!



Doing Something Touristy at Clifton Hill Almost as famous as The Falls itself, Clifton Hill is the perfect spot to grab a selfie (or 12) doing something hilarious and touristy. Whether you’re posing with a wax figure, eating a delicious (yet overpriced) dinner or playing the night away at The Great Canadian Midway, these pictures are bound to be fun, and make your followers smile!


Enjoying The Falls at Night The Falls at night just might be the prettiest time to see them! There is something so mesmerizing about tumbling water decked out in gorgeous lights that will leave you so happy! And the colors will make your Instagrams P-O-P.


So my friends, what did I miss? Where are your favorite places to take a photo in Niagara?! For more on Niagara Falls, click the links below!

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What is this, a link party with myself? HAHA Alright my loves, I’m off to clean the kitchen and do a Face Mask! My skin has a really cute “stress breakout” happening rn, and I’m just trying to get it under control!

I’ll be back tomorrow for another round of #WhatUpWednesday! I have SO many great things to share with you! I’ll see you then!



5 thoughts on “5 Most Instagram Worthy Spots in Niagara Falls

  1. I have to agree with all of these. I’ve been to the falls a few times with extended family whenever they’ve come to the US to visit from England. You might mention that it’s key to see the falls from the Canadian side. Did you view from both the NY and Canadian sides?? Did you drive to Niagara or Fly? Thoughts or preferences?


    1. We only went to the Canadian side! I actually talked about these things in a few of my other posts on Niagara Falls! We only live about 4 hours away from Niagara so we drove. We had planned on seeing the Falls from the American side too, but ended up not because we had so many things on the Canadian side we wanted to do 🙂


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