Weekend (ish) Round Up

You guys! It’s been FOREVER and a day since I’ve talked to you, and I missed you so dang much! I wish I was writing to you today saying I was relaxed and chilled out and stress free and ready to take on the world, but tbh, even with a slight break from my blog I’m just as stressed, unrested and in need of a break.

But one thing I know for certain is that I love to write, and I missed writing the past couple of days. So I’m happy to be back today to fill you in on what my days off have looked like!

The last you heard from me was Tuesday! I tried my best to take at least one picture every day for you. And I failed pretty dang miserably. But, here goes nothing!

Wednesday was my super early day at work. I opened, so I got out a lot earlier than normal! I was supposed to head right up to meet Trev at his work to attend a White Coat Ceremony for one of his athletes. But, I just wasn’t feeling like my normal, happy, self. So Trev convinced me to stay home and take a breather for the evening. I did things I hadn’t been able to do in ages, like take my time wandering the aisles at Dollar Tree (I went in for rubber bands, left with a buttload of Fall stuff for DIYs you’ll start seeing next month!) and work out! I haven’t worked out in a solid 3 months and it felt SO GOOD to get moving again.

The only picture I took on Wednesday. 

Thursday was a really bad day. One thing after the next went wrong for me and honestly, I came home stress crying. Lucky for me, Trev was here to cheer me up, turn on some Parks and Rec and make me an awesome freakin’ dinner.

Who would like this dinner recipe?! It is literally the only way I like steak, and it’s super simple to make and SO FREAKIN’ GOOD! 

Friday was so much fun! Work-wise, it was Field Trip day! We went to the DNR Outdoor Adventure Center in Downtown Detroit and it was freakin’ awesome. If you have kids and are in the Metro Detroit area, you need to get there! My kids loved it, and we had so much fun!

Friday night was even better! Trev got the chance to throw out the First Pitch at a USPBL game. We had four tickets so we took my best friend and her boyfriend with us and we had the best time! It was the perfect night out (minus the pouring rain!) with our friends and exactly what I needed to cheer me up!




Saturday we headed to Blissfield to help Trev’s parents and brother and sister in law start to switch houses. My in-laws have a massive house with a lot of stuff! (I have no idea where they are going to put all their stuff in the two bedroom home they are about to move into! LOL) We spent all day Saturday packing and moving and moving and packing.

Sunday, I was up early to take my Mother in Law to Ohio to help cook 100 pounds of hamburger at their American Legion. They are prepping for next weekend because they are hosting their annual Battle Buddy Poker Run. We actually had the chance to attend last year, and I wrote a little bit about it! You can read more here. Since we can’t attend this year, I’m glad I was able to help out even a little bit! BUT, I don’t think I want to cook any more hamburger for a v. long time! HAHA

After we finished up at The Legion, we headed back to the house to do some more packing. We did get to steal a little bit of time with this little cutie at least!


Then, we headed home, grocery shopped, cleaned out house, folded our laundry and crashed into bed. We were exhausted from a long week and a busy weekend. We spent the night watching Parks and Rec (we’ve made it to the 7th season which I REFUSE to watch because I get too sad knowing it’s the end!) and trying out a new face mask.

Jury is still out on this one. It’s the new peel off mask from Say Yes to Tomatoes. It felt so strange and kinda stung my eyes but my skin looked pretty good the next day. I want to try it a few more times before I give you my final thoughts on it! 

And today we were back to The Grind and I think we’re both counting down the days until Labor Day Weekend! That’s the next time we have a day off and I know I could use some serious R&R!

I hope your weeks were filled with much more fun and exciting things than mine! I’m back to my normal blogging schedule after today 🙂 I’ll be back tomorrow my friends!


PS… Remember this dress that I have that you all love?!

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

Well… it has a twin that looks like this!


And while you can’t buy this one anymore at Nordstrom, I found a freakin’ awesome dupe at one of my favorite Boutiques in the most perfect color for Fall! Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 4.59.34 PM.pngSo good… right?! Grab the dupe here. Or, find my dress in ELEVEN different colors, here! (Mine is Periwinkle.)

Okay guys. I’m actually out of here now! My dinner is done and I’m starving! Talk to you tomorrow 🙂

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