Happy Travel Tuesday?

Hi Guys! I know you’re totally expecting a Travel Tuesday post today, but I’m going to be straight up honest with you… it’s not happening.

You see that picture up there? There has never been a more accurate photo taken of me trying to describe how I’m attempting to make it through life the day than that photo right there. HAHA

But seriously. Your girl has been OVERLOADED with stuff this past week and this week too. I’ve been going non stop, I’ve been stressed, I’ve worked extra long days at my job and then worked all weekend and haven’t had a chance to stop and catch my breath, let alone write a quality blog post for all of you.

So this week, I’m taking a few days off. I tried so hard to get a post up for you last night! But I ended up working until 5:30 (when I’d gone in at 7) and still had to go grocery shopping. I didn’t get home until 12 hours after I had left that morning, and we had to put away the groceries, cook dinner and I needed to get in the shower. When I got out I sat on the floor trying to make the right words to come to my head as quickly as possible to get a post out for you, but nothing seemed right. And I found myself sitting on the floor crying instead of being able to finish the post I had started. (#STRESSED) (#MecuryInRetrograde?)

So instead of so-so posts going up all week that have just been thrown together, I’m going to take some extra time to prep next week’s post and try to destress a bit. We unfortunately have stuff to do every night this week that I’m off early, and we have a busy weekend ahead of us. (Trev’s parents are switching houses with his brother and sis in law and since his mom still can’t do much because of her broken ankle, they need all the help they can get!) So fingers crossed I can sit down at least once this week on my little table on the deck, listen to some country music, sip some lemonade and write. Because that’s my favorite thing to do!

I’ll be back on Monday for you with a massive week/weekend round up to catch you up on what I’ve been up to, and then the rest of the week with posts that I will actually feel good about posting! Have a great week everyone. I’ll miss you while I’m away!


PS… If you’re looking for some fun posts to occupy your time, I highly suggest anything under my Travel tab! Go get lost in some amazing destinations and pictures… you’ll thank me later!


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