5 Things to Buy NOW For Fall

Cooler air, crisp leaves and pumpkin everything is CALLING MY NAME, friends. I’m sure you’ve all noticed the Fall items finding their way onto the shelves of your favorite stores since July. I used to be that person that rolled my eyes and said “Fall? Already?! I haven’t even seen any fireworks yet!” But a few years ago, I learned my lesson when it comes to all things Fall… and now, even if I’m not ready for the season just yet, I start picking things up early.

When Trev and I first moved into our apartment, my seasonal decor came in a cardboard box that still had my 2nd grade handwriting on it. It was filled with all the weird little things I’d collected since I was little, or picked up along my way in life. Most of it was honestly JUNK. But when we moved into our first place, I wanted it to feel like home, so I dug out my box and used what I had. I was super disappointed when I opened it and found NOTHING that would make our place look cuter. So I ran to the store only to find Christmas decor out and everything that was left totally picked over. Man that first year was ROUGH when it came to home decor… but looking back, I still smile so hard, because I really tried to make it festive and home-y!

Since then, I’ve started picking up new seasonal things as I saw them to revamp my collection. I always allow myself one impulse buy as soon as I see items hit the shelves! But then, I wait until I see sales or have a coupon! But I’ve learned that the best sales and coupons come out BEFORE Fall even hits!

So every July and August, I find myself searching for 5 different Fall things that I need to get NOW before they are gone! Today, I’m sharing these 5 things with you, to help a sister out.

So Fall lovers UNITE! Here are 5 Things to Buy NOW For Fall! 


Fall Fashion

It’s no secret that the v. best sale of the year for Fall Fashion happens every July thanks to Nordstrom! I’m now fully stoked on cute Fall clothes that I picked up for absolute STEALS before they hit the shelves at regular prices. The #NSale is over now, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t find great Fall prices at other stores too! Now is the time that stores began marketing their Fall clothes with Back to School sales, so you can pick up your Fall items for a great deal! Just don’t spend you entire new Fall clothes budget yet… new stuff always comes out towards the end of September too 🙂

Fall Getaways

Now is the time to book a Fall Weekend Getaway! We’ve already booked ours and we are SO excited! By thinking ahead and booking now, you’re almost guaranteed a place to sleep where if you wait, chances are, a lot of places will be booked up. Especially if you’re hoping to go during peak Fall Foliage time. We researched our location (any guesses where we’re heading?!) to see when peak Fall color usually hits and based our trip on that time. Plus booking this far in advance gives us to time start planning in advance and is giving us something really exciting to look forward to!

Fall DIY Items 

Have a Fall DIY or 12 planned?! Me too. Now is the time to pick up all the items you will need for those festive DIYs. Places like the Dollar Tree won’t restock their items, so if you see something you need, get it ASAP. I went to THREE different Dollar Trees around me just to find these gorgeous pumpkins that I can’t wait to DIY into a Fall Centerpiece for you in September!


Other basic DIY items you might want to pick up? Wreath frames and fall ribbons! Around here, those things always seem to sell out the fastest!

Fall Scents 

Now is the time to pick up your Fall Scents! Whether it’s your candles from Bath and Body works, or Pumpkin Scented cleaner from Mrs. Meyer’s pick it up NOW before it’s too late!

I love how this stuff smells!

Fall Decor

And last, but certainly not least, it’s time to start picking up your Fall Decor!! You’ll see places like Michaels, Hobby Lobby and JoAnn’s having sales where all their seasonal decor is 40% off or more! This is the best time of year to pick up those few things you NEED for Fall! Curious to see my two favorite things I’ve picked up so far?! (Please excuse the terrible quality photos. I took them late last night in my apartment, working with zero natural light and cat photo bombs!)

I loved both of these pillows SO much when I saw them on Big Lots Shop with Me videos! I never go to Big Lots so I literally made my way across town to get there and when I saw them I couldn’t leave either behind! Guys… they were SO cheap! You can order them online here.



I also picked up this door mat that I’m SO obsessed with! It’s SOOO cute! I had a Fall DIY planned where I was going to make a door mat that said “Hello Pumpkin” but when I saw this at Kirklands for only $12, it was a no brainer! It’s crazy cute, and way better than I ever could have made it! It looks like it’s sold out (see what I mean?!) online, but click here to find it in a store near you!

PS… I took this photo in the rain yesterday when it was 90 degrees and I was rocking shorts and riding boots and everyone thought I was insane, but ya know… do it for the blog.

What are you buying already for Fall?! I’m picking up Fall Florals next!

I feel so odd sitting here writing to you about fall when the second you step outside you start sweating and everything is bright and green! However, September is literally right around the corner! YAY!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! We’re working baseball games, so ours won’t be too exciting. (Unless there is another brawl. That’s always v. exciting.) I’ll be back on Sunday with a Weekend Round Up!



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