Weekend Round Up

Hey Guys! Happy Sunday! I hope wherever you are, it’s cooler than it is in Detroit. It’s so freakin’ hot out you can barely breathe the second you step outside! It was a v. rude awakening when we hopped out of the car after our long trip back from Manistee. When we left there was a cool breeze off Lake Michigan and it was perfect outside.

We had the BEST time Up North this weekend! We’ve been really stressed out lately, and it was the perfect little getaway to sit back and breathe a little. Even it it was only for 48 hours. (Less than that, actually because of stupid traffic.)

We started our weekend Friday night as soon as I got out of work. Unfortunately I happened to get done at just the right time to hit some major rush hour traffic. It seemed like it took us AGES to get home!

When we arrived my mom had Summer Salad (this pasta salad she makes in the summer that I’m OBSESSED with) and blueberry pie waiting for us! We ate, snuggled the pups and chatted before heading to bed.

On Saturday we woke up early and headed out on the boat! Unfortunately, it was super windy and the fish weren’t biting. But we had a great morning out on the lake anyways! When we came in we ate some lunch then headed down to my Grandma’s to visit. (My grandpa sent us home with homemade bread and homemade jam and you guys… the loaf is already almost gone. It’s SO GOOD.)


After our visit we headed to Manistee Beverage Company to pick up some craft beer then laid out in the hammocks for the rest of the afternoon!


Saturday night we headed to dinner at TJs Pub (of course) and then to visit with my other grandparents. Then, my mom and I left the boys behind to go see Mamma Mia!


OMG if you haven’t seen it GO NOW. It’s SOOOO good! We laughed, we cried, we sang and honestly, I’m ready to give up on life and move to Greece to open up a hotel. Oh. And WTF did they (SPOILER DON’T READ IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!!!) kill off Donna?! My heart was NOT ready for that one bit!

After the movie we picked up the guys and headed down to the beach for a little late night pier walk.

This morning we headed to breakfast before taking one last beach ride and packing up to head home! We spent the afternoon putting together our new bistro table for our patio, grocery shopping, unpacking, and getting ready for the week.

How cute is this Patio Set?! Super bad photo, I know. But it’s so hot out I refused to go make it look cute and pose. HAHA My parents picked it up for us on MAJOR sale from Pier 1! We love it, and it’s the perfect size for our little deck. 

Now, Trev is out hitting some golf balls and I’m snuggled up inside watching Christmas movies and getting a jump start on some of this week’s blog posts! You’re getting an awesome collab (it has to do with WINE!) and the first Fall post of the year, along with your Mitten Monday and #WhatUpWednesday posts! It’s going to be a great week, make sure you’re subscribed to have them delivered right to your inbox as soon as they are posted!

Have a fantastic rest of your weekend everyone! Sorry for the lack of photos in this post… I was really trying to decompress this weekend and tried to stay off my phone as much as possible! (Spoiler Alert. I’m not good at it.)

I’ll be back tomorrow!



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