Niagara Falls: Where To Stay, Eat + Play

Hey hey Happy Tuesday Thursday Everyone! We’re officially way late for #TravelTuesday but I don’t even care. Because Niagara Falls is worth the wait. Who else is excited for today’s post?!


Today, I’m sharing my top picks for where to Stay, Play and Eat in Niagara Falls! As always, these are my own opinions, and what I felt was the best of the best!


Marriott Fallsview. Guys. I literally can not say enough great things about the Marriott Fallsview! Not to be confused with Marriott on the Falls (trust me, it’s harder than you think) this place is 1,000% worth the money you pay to stay there! You want spacious rooms? They got it. You want excellent service? Look no further. You want to be close to the action? You’re right on top of it. And you want the best possible view of the Falls you can get from a hotel? You’ve found it.


We loved our time at the Marriott Fallsview. From the upgraded room since we were celebrating special occasions to the complimentary chocolates, they treated us well. Plus, it’s literally steps away from the Falls Incline Railway that will literally drop you off right in The Mist.

You know how on most vacations you hate to go back to your hotel because you don’t want to miss out on anything that’s happening in the outside world? Yeah. That doesn’t happen here. I could sit in front of that window and watch The Falls (we could see both from our room) for HOURS.

Perfect spot for the nightly fireworks! 
And the light show 🙂
I wanted a picture with the big chandelier so here is a super awkward/terrible photo of us underneath it. You’re welcome?

If we ever go back, we’ll be staying here again! Looking for other great options? Be sure to do your research! I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s important to remember that “Fallsview” doesn’t always mean a view of The Falls. There is a “Fallsview Blvd.” that runs through town… and you can’t see The Falls from most of it. Also remember that if you’re heading to Niagara Falls on a budget, renting from VRBO or Home Away might be a better option for you! Some of the hotels in the area that boasted under $100 a night price tags looked a little rough, and I would hate for you to be disappointed! For the same price, you could get a cute and cozy rental that you would love so much more! Click here to find the perfect place waiting for you!


Niagara Falls gets a bad rep for food. And honestly… I don’t really know why. Yes, it’s filled with chain restaurants that will charge you way more than you would pay at home. But, there are also little gems that have awesome food. Is it a world class dining experience? No. But I didn’t have anything at The Falls that wasn’t good!

Kelsey’s. Kelsey’s was the best surprise on Clifton Hill. The vibe from the second we walked in was SO GOOD. The sides were open to the outside, their was live music, and it looked like Joanna Gaines designed the inside. And the food? It was freakin’ delicious! I loved my wings, the spinach dip rocked, and they made one heck of a Long Island Iced Tea.


Antica. If you want a yummy wood fired pizza (literally always craving pizza over here) this is the place for you! Their pizza was AMAZING. This restaurant was packed the night we were there. But it was well worth the wait, IMO!

This pizza was big enough for my mom and I to share!

Niagara Brewing Company. The menu isn’t huge at Niagara Brewing, but it’s a really cool place. I’d recommend just hopping in for a beer and maybe a giant pretzel!


Tim Hortons. You’re in Canada. So obviously grab some Timbits!

LOL we literally have a TIm Hortons around the corner from our house, but I love the Chocolate TimBits SO MUCH.

Anywhere in NOTL. Okay this is kind of cheating since it’s not Niagara Falls. But, next week, we’re talking all about Niagara on the Lake! If you’re looking for some seriously amazing cuisine, drive 20 minutes north of The Falls and world class restaurants will be at your feet.



The Adventure Pass. Get yourself an Adventure Pass, and you’ll have plenty to do while you’re at The Falls. You can read my in depth post on The Adventure Pass here!


Clifton Hill. Go ahead and let your tourist flag fly at Clifton Hill. Do the stupid, cheesy, weird things that every tourist trap has to offer. I promise, it will make you some serious memories! Might I recommend a game of Guess Who over at Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks?! Speaking of… who wants to play?!

Donald Trump or Smeagle?


Snapple Fact: I’m Short. Taylor Swift is tall.
Poor Julia got that raccoon tan line.
Ellen or The Joker?
Elvis… his milk shake brings all the girls to the soda fountain.
Breaking News: Trev is leaving me for Catwoman.
Groovy Baby!

HAHAHAHA you guys I’m laughing so hard looking at all these pictures! These wax figures were SO bad. But we honestly had the best time and we will talk about going here!

Fallsview Casino. Literally “play” the night away at the Casino, eat at one of the 5 restaurants, or do a little shopping.

I’m really upset because we actually grabbed a snack at the food court in the casino and I can’t seem to find the pictures I took anywhere! So this one will have to do, cuz you can see the prettiness in the background 🙂 

Day trip to NOTL. GO DRINK ICEWINE… amongst other amazing things. Be sure to come back next week (or subscribe to have it delivered right to your inbox!) for your guide to NOTL!


So my friends, what did I miss?! Where are your favorite places to Stay, Eat + Play in Niagara Falls?!

If you’ve missed my other Niagara posts, you can find them below!

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Alright my friends. That’s it from me for this week! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend filled with fun summer adventures and smiles! I’ll be back on Sunday for a Weekend Round Up!


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  1. Do you happen to have links to the places that you recommend in the post? I know when I am reading blogs I love being able to quickly jump to places like hotel recommendations or restaurants to see if they are places I could afford OR enjoy eating at. Just my two cents. Loving the travel recaps.


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