What Up, What Up my friends?! Another week, another Wednesday. And that means, it’s time to tell you Whats Up in my life! I suppose I should start out with where the heck I was yesterday since ya know, I was a #badblogger.

What I’m Up To / Why I Missed Yesterday’s Post

Guys. his week has been literally crazy for me. Let me just outline what my life has looked like since Sunday. I didn’t get home from my inlaws until late Sunday night, Monday I woke up early for work and ended up working an almost 11 hour day, and then had to drive to Dundee to pick up Trevor who had stayed an extra day with his family. We didn’t get home until after 8… literally 13 hours after i had left my house. I PTFO which is why I didn’t have time to finish yesterday’s post. Then, I worked another crazy long day yesterday because I had a field trip and didn’t get done until after 5 only to turn around and have to be back at 6:30 for meeting. And not only was my work life crazy, but I was worried sick about my Grandma who got admitted to the hospital on Monday. (She’s going to be okay… just has a long road to recovery.)

I got out of work early today. So I’m super thankful to finally be able to stop and catch my breath for a few minutes today!

As for yesterday’s post, it’s going to go up tomorrow instead! I’ve got a great post for you that was planned for this Thursday that you’ll see next week Thursday instead! So be sure to come back (or subscribe!) TOMORROW for my Niagara Falls: Where to Eat, Sleep + Play post! It’s good. I promise you won’t want to miss it!

What I’m Thinking About

FALL! Seriously. I’m so ready for all the cozy sweaters, color changing leaves, Fall beers, football, weekend getaways, Fall decor and candles… the list goes on and on! That’s why you’re seeing a Fall throwback photo today. Is anyone else getting excited for Fall?! (PS… I’m not wishing Summer away. I’ve still got too many fun things I want to do!)

What I’m Watching 

Fall YouTube Videos! I know this might sound crazy to some of you, but one of my favorite ways to relax is to watch “Shop With Me” videos on YouTube! I’m living for all the Fall Shop With Me and Fall Haul videos that I’ve been seeing pop up on my favorite channels! It’s inspired me to go buy a few fall things already that I can’t wait to share with you! (You’ll see this post soon! I want you to have the chance to grab these amazing Fall finds before they sell out!) Is it too early to start prepping for Fall? Am I crazy?! Speaking of Fall…

What I’m Buying

If you saw my last Weekend Roundup you know I tried to shop the #NSale only to have the WORST luck ever! Luckily, I’m scrappy and didn’t give up on the things I was hoping to snag. Just like last year, I kept a tab open for every item I hoped to buy on my computer and phone. And every time I opened either, I refreshed it to see if it just so happened to be in stock. AND IT FREAKIN’ WORKED! At least for a few items! I’m freakin’ thrilled! At least I know I’ll have a few cute outfits for Fall now 🙂 So if you’re still hoping to score a few things from the #NSale, try my method! Hopefully it will work for you too!

What I’m Looking Forward To

Saturday!! We FINALLY get to use an awesome Christmas presents my parent’s got us for the ultimate date day in downtown Detroit! I can’t WAIT to share pictures with all of you!

So my loves, What’s Up in your lives?!

Sorry for the short post, but I’m going to go RELAX. I hope you’re all enjoying your Wednesday! I’ll be back tomorrow.


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