Weekend Round Up (On A Monday!)

Guys… I don’t think a photo could ever more accurately depict what my weekend looked like than this one right here…


What started our as an awesome weekend turned into the kind of weekend you wish you could just go back in time and redo!

My weekend started off amazing. Why? Because work let me out early! For the first time ever, I left work at 1:00 and it was so awesome! Unfortunately it was rainy, so I couldn’t use my extra hours for anything fun outside. But I used my time super wisley by snuggling up in a blanket and watching a Christmas movie 🙂

When Trev got home we got ready and headed out for date night! I was exhausted at this point (I had woken up at 3 am to shop the #NSale) Trev let me pick everything for date night! So I planned the greatest date night ever, that included driving to 4 different Dollar Trees to find something I needed for a furture Fall DIY and strolling the aisles at Home Goods, Michaels and Hobby Lobby!

World’s Best Husband.

Just as we were walking into World of Beer I got an email that said literally everything but a pair of leggings I bought from the #NSale got canceled. Cue the sad beer drinking.


However, the night was saved by dinner at Chilis. Because, I felt God in that Chili’s.



After dinner we snuggled in to watch a movie and relax before a busy Saturday!

Saturday we slept in, and I laid in bed watching Queer Eye for 98% of my morning. Just as we were getting dressed and heading out to work at the Tiger’s game, we got a call from Trev’s mom letting us know she got in a motorcycle accident. She let us know she was alright, but heading to the hospital and she’d give us more details later.

Of course we were so worried! We ended up driving to Comerica while we waited for a update from his family. Turns out, she broke her ankle in two places, and would need surgery ASAP. We were so thankful that it was only her ankle, because whenever I hear “motorcycle accident” my brain instantly thinks the absolute worst. Our bosses at the Tigers were awesome and let us leave so we could come home, grab Jacksy Cat and head down to Blissfield.

We spent all morning Sunday at the hospital with Trev’s family. While it wasn’t the way you want to see everyone, it was nice to spend time with the family! I hung around until they took my mother in law back for surgery, but then I had to head back up to Detroit. I don’t have time built up at my job yet, so I can’t take a day off. I needed to get home and get ready for the week.

Trev stayed with his family, so it was just me and Jacksy Cat on Sunday night. We cleaned up the house, prepped my school stuff for the week, and finished up some laundry while we waited for news on Trev’s mom. She got out of surgery late Sunday evening, and I can happily say that everything went well! However, if you pray, we’d appreciate your prayers for a quick recovery!

I hope your #NSale purchases were all shipped, the sun shined for you all weekend, and you lived your days off like you just won a Dundie at Chili’s. Because that would mean, you had a wonderful weekend.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another Niagara Falls post that you won’t want to miss! I’m off to start this v. busy week!


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