Niagara Falls: The Adventure Pass

Happy Travel Tuesday my loves! Today, we’re hopping back across the border to Canada for another post in our Niagara Falls series! It’ll be fun, eh?

I’ve mentioned it in my other posts in this series that Niagara Falls is great because it’s a place that you can actually experience. The Falls hit all 5 of your senses, and there’s no better way to enjoy them than with the Niagara Falls Adventure Pass.

When I started doing my research on Niagara Falls (Have you seen how I plan our vacations? Check out my tips hereherehere and here!) I knew that we wanted to do the boat cruise but other than that, I wasn’t really sure. Were the attractions worth it? Or were they just tourist traps?

After reading, and reading, and reading some more, we decided that we would do at least two of the attractions, the Hornblower Cruise and the Journey Behind the Falls. These two were the most popular, and most recommended. And after diving into a little more research, I realized it was a much better deal to just get The Adventure Pass. And guys… I’m so glad we did!

So today, we’re outlining what you get with The Adventure Pass, and just how awesome (or touristy) each attraction is.”Whether it’s standing in awe at the base of the world’s most powerful waterfall at Journey Behind the Falls, walking beside class 5 whitewater rapids at White Water Walk or sailing right into the mist aboard Hornblower Niagara Cruises, this is the best way to explore Niagara Falls.” (PS… I stole this right from the Niagara Parks website cuz I legit couldn’t have said it better!)


Hornblower Niagara Cruise

I’ll admit it… I have a favorite. And this one is it. It’s easy to say “oh they’re all great you should try them all” but honestly, if you’re only doing one thing while you’re visiting The Falls, this should be it. It’s the most classic way to enjoy The Falls, and the closest you can possibly get to them without being one of those (excuse my words) idiots that jumps over them in a barrel. This experience will leave you awestruck, soaking wet, and smiling so dang big!



We stood right above the “H” on Hornblower and it was the most perfect spot! 






Our GoPro ended up overheating and shutting off half way through our boat tour! We were so bummed. New GoPro is on our list this Christmas! But we did catch this video so you can kinda see the awesome view you’ll get on the cruise! 

Travel Tip. Literally EVERYONE crowds to the left side of the boat (right across from the American Falls) or the front, but you’ll get the best spot IMO on the right side of the boat (the side you board on)! We decided to stand right by where we entered because everywhere else was so crowded. And I was NOT happy with this choice. I was worried I was going to miss everything. But guys, it was the best spot! Why? Because not only did the boat have to turn around and go back past the American Falls with us in front of it, but when we went into The Falls, we were right in the water the ENTIRE time! Everyone ended up coming to our side because we were getting so much water!

Journey Behind The Falls. 

The second best attraction, IMO, is Journey Behind The Falls! Warning… This one is not for those that are claustrophobic.This entire attraction is in tunnels (except for the viewing platform at the end)! I personally thought exploring 130 year old tunnels after descending 125 feet in an elevator was bad.ass. But my mom and hubby weren’t too sure about it! You literally can’t get behind The Falls anywhere else, and it is a once in a lifetime experience that you will love!






Niagara White Water Walk. 

This one is really pretty, but honestly, if you’ve seen rapids before (or waves on a big lake) it won’t be your favorite attraction. The walk itself is really pretty, and really peaceful.

Me rn, trying not to dis the White Water Walk. 





Travel Tip. This one isn’t right by The Falls and kinda out of the way! You’ll have to carve out extra time in your day to get here. If you do drive, you’ll be parking in a Buddhist Temple! And FYI, you don’t have to pay to park there. (We did because we thought we had to then found out we didn’t!) This one isn’t a “must do” for me, so if you’re running low on time, you might want to skip it, and save it for another time!

Niagara’s Fury. 

If you’re traveling with kids, they will LOVE this one! It’s a 4D movie experience that is totally tailored for families. You start in a room where you sit and watch the cutest video ever with a little beaver that teaches you all about The Falls and how they were formed. After the intro video, you step into their 4D theater where you experience The Falls formation. It moves and shakes and you get wet! It’s pretty cool. (However, I was expecting something like Soarin’ at Disney and it’s nothing like that. Just an FYI.)


All FOUR of those attractions are included in the Classic Adventure Pass, which is a freakin’ steal at $65 per adult and $43 per child. It also allows you hop on/ hop off access to WeGo, their public transit system for 48 hours. There are also two other Adventure Passes that you can purchases! You can learn more about them here.

How To Get The Adventure Pass / How It Works

Buying your Adventure Passes has never been easier thanks to the internet. You can literally buy them from the comfort of your own couch! They’ll give you a conformation that you can print, and then when you arrive to Niagara Falls, you’ll head to one of the Niagara Parks Welcome Centers. Here, they’ll schedule your times (you get to choose which works best for you) for all of your attractions. Don’t worry, if you miss your time, you can easily reschedule it! They’ll also give you information, maps, and bright orange lanyards with your pass attached to them! Oh! And coupons! Gotta love the coupons 🙂

From here, you’re free to use your pass! People will scan them at every attraction. And because you have the pass, you get through the line quicker than those waiting to buy an individual ticket.

Even if you don’t hit all four attractions included with the Classic Pass, it’s okay. You’re STILL saving money than if you did two attractions separately! Plus, you get a lot of really great perks… like free ponchos to help you look extra stylish in all your photos.

I highly recommend purchasing these for everyone in your group. I think a visit to Niagara Falls would be pretty dang boring without an Adventure Pass! Buy yours here!

And don’t forget to check out my first two posts in my Niagara Falls series, here and here!

Alright guys. I’m sorry this post is getting up so late. I came home super late from work to find to our grill ON FIRE and Trev trying to control the situation. Happy Monday? (JK. But it totally feels like a Monday over here.)

I’ll be back tomorrow for another #WhatUpWednesday 🙂 See you then!


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