10 Reasons Manistee, MI Should Be Your Next Summer Getaway

Guys. I have a confession. I’m majorly homesick. I’ve been bummin’ this summer because I feel like I’ve barely gotten to spend time at home enjoying everything I love about Summertime in Northern Michigan.

Home Sweet Home.

There is no place in the world like the one that you call home. Usually, it’s the kind of place you can’t wait to leave while you’re growing up, and can’t wait to come back to after you move away. It’s where your family is. It’s where all your happy memories are. It’s where you feel happy and one of your favorite places in this world. For me, Home is Manistee, Michigan.

Manistee is situated right on Lake Michigan, and gets the “Up North” stamp of approval. Miles of sandy beaches, endless starry skies, charming small towns, and lakes. So many lakes, are waiting for you in Manistee. They say that there is nothing better than a summer in Northern Michigan (just ask Kid Rock) and let me be the one to tell you,  it’s 1,000% true.

Here are the 10 Reasons Manistee Should Be Your Next Summer Getaway. 

DSC_0039 2

But first… let’s set the mood 🙂

We have beaches. So many beaches! And they’re all really really really really really pretty.

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We’re charming AF. We’re a little bit costal, a little bit country and a lot bit Victorian Port City.

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We’re touristy, but not THAT touristy. We have a lot of touristy things to do, and a lot of fudgies tourists that come to enjoy them. But what’s nice about Manistee is that it will never feel too touristy like some other small towns along the lake.


We have yummy food. We’ve got some seriously amazing things to eat in town, and guys. I CRAVE so much of these things while I’m away! Looking for a cozy pub with a menu where literally everything is delicious? TJs has a spot at the bar waiting for you. Want the BEST subs in the world? Big Al’s is calling your name. And if you’re looking for a cold beer that’s unique to the town? North Channel Brewing has exactly what you’re looking for. Oh, and we have some of the best ice cream in the state thanks to House of Flavors!


We look like a Postcard. Not to brag or anything, but everywhere you go looks like a postcard or campaign for a Pure Michigan commercial. Speaking of, have you seen ours? (TBH, it’s not great and def needs to be updates.)


Our weather is pretty perfect. A typical Summer day in Manistee is 75 degrees, sunny and a nice breeze off The Lake. It’s kinda hard to get better than that.

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It’s super peaceful. Ever heard a quote about a walk with nature? It was probably written within the boundaries of Manistee National Forest. Our hikes are pretty, and peaceful. You’ll feel like you’re a world away, and nothing is better for the soul than a walk with nature.

DSC_0032 copy

We’re on the Lake, so water sports are kind of our thing. From Charter Fishing to Paddle boarding and everything in between, if you can do it on the water, we’ve got it, and we’re experts at it.


Our Sunsets are the best in the USA. Okay… I may have made the up. But c’mon. Don’t try to tell me it gets better than this…


It’s really, really pretty… and pretty much a “hidden gem” of an Up North beach town. I like to think of it as M22’s best kept secret 🙂

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Have I convinced you to come to our little peace of heaven?! Get to booking NOW so you can spend the last weekend of Summer (LDW) living your best life on the shores of Lake Michigan! Check out vacation rentals here.

Alright guys. I’m off to shower and snuggle in for The Bachelorette! Who else is excited for Hometowns?!

I’ll be back tomorrow with another installment in my Niagara Falls series! It’s a good one, and you won’t want to miss it!


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